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Life has been so super manic lately as I’ve been right in the middle of my first year university exams, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and this time tomorrow I will have finished first year!

So, as I have mostly been a revising hermit these last two weeks or so, I thought I would update you on my six most recent instagram posts.

This is a quick selfie that I took whilst we were at Colchester Zoo in April for my birthday, it was such a lovely day and I wanted to take advantage of the good lighting!

It was one of my wonderful friend’s birthdays last weekend so we took a trip to Jamie’s Italian next to the Bullring in Birmingham. The food was amazing and we took some really good polaroid shots like this one!

This picture has already appeared here on my blog, it was a very enjoyable revision break at our local pub a few weeks ago. I wrote a bit more about it here.

My Dad sent me this photo the other day and it made me smile; our lovely old dog Branda enjoying his morning walk and the amazing sunny weather which unfortunately only seemed to last for a weekend!

About three weeks ago my boyfriend and I enjoyed a meal at Red Peppers in The Mailbox, Birmingham. Nachos are one of our favourite starters and these ones were up there with the best we’ve ever had, I would definitely recommend them!

Finally, this is a tattoo that I had done on the top of my back about two months ago. It’s so wonderfully drawn and intricate, although I struggle to see it properly without someone taking a photo of it for me!

Haze x


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