Restaurant Review: Pasta Brown

Cheesy garlic bread starter

I love London. I don’t know whether I could live there and deal with the busy-ness everyday but I do love a good London day out.

I know that London is full of plenty of different, and probably delicious, restaurants but one little gem that I absolutely adore is Pasta Brown

My boyfriend and I visited here on a very miserable, rainy day and at the time just jumped into the first restaurant we could find in Covent Garden, we were not disappointed.

Luke’s spaghetti polpette

We were welcomed by the restaurant owner, who immediately took our wet coats, gave me a bag for my wet umbrella and led us to a table. The restaurant is small and cosy but was pretty busy, and after tasting the food I can see why!

We started with cheesy garlic bread, which was the perfect shared starter for lunch on a cold, rainy day and the plate was empty almost as soon as it had hit the table!

My spaghetti carbonara

For our main courses Luke went for spaghetti polpette, which was a combination of homemade meatballs, tomato sauce and fresh spaghetti. I was allowed to try this one and it was truly delicious, everything we had was and I would definitely recommend it all. I chose spaghetti carbonara, which I find a bit hit and miss in restaurants as it can sometimes be a bit too creamy for me but Pasta Brown got it just right and I ate every mouthful.

The portions were plentiful, the atmosphere was lovely and homely and every member of staff made us feel so welcome. I really enjoyed our meal here and I am so happy that we found this little gem in the middle of London!

Haze x


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