An Unsatisfactory Meal

I really don’t want this blog to be a negative place and I never intended to write any ‘bad’ reviews at all, but last night’s visit to TGI Friday’s just wasn’t great. So, this review is going to be a little different to my other, more positive ones (if you do fancy reading those, click here).

To start with I wasn’t too impressed that, because I ordered from the gluten free menu, I had to be served by a manager and separately from my friends. It just felt a bit awkward having to have a completely different server due to a dietary requirement.

I started my meal with a single portion of nachos with chicken. This was actually quite yummy, although the ones at the bottom were cold which I couldn’t quite understand. I was also a bit gutted that, because I was ordering from a gluten free menu, I wasn’t entitled to the two courses for £9.99 deal that my friends took advantage of, making my share of the meal a good £11 more pricey than theirs!

Again, my main course (BBQ salmon with creamy mash and veg) was okay, nothing to write home about but not awful. Overall, I just wasn’t too impressed. Mainly with the way that I was made to feel slightly excluded because of a dietary requirement. 

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the company that I had for the meal, along with the layout and decor of the restaurant, which was a sort of mix of a New York bar and a traditional American diner. The waiter that served my friends was lovely too, very attentive and polite.

If you’re not gluten free, I would recommend TGI Friday’s, as the food that my friends enjoyed looked really yummy! But if you do have a dietary requirement I would think twice, and I definitely won’t be visiting again.

Sorry for the negativity – I promise that my next post won’t be!

Haze x

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