Breakfast at Ashridge

Yesterday morning my parents and I got up early (way too early for a Saturday!) and took the dogs to Ashridge, a beautiful park/wood near Dunstable. 

Ashridge has a really under-rated, incredible cafe that serves all day breakfast and was pretty busy, even at 9:30am. There was also a lot of people with dogs too, so I was in my element.

I went for the veggie breakfast (2 veggie sausages, toast, tomato, fried egg and mushrooms) and my parents had bacon and egg baps. The dogs had doggie sausages, which seemed very popular! 

After breakfast, we went for our walk. The scenery at Ashridge is unbeatable and the weather made our morning all the more enjoyable. The woods are so large that, even with a full carpark, it never really feels too busy.

After walking we tried the really cool looking coffee/smoothie/juice/porridge van that was in the carpark. The guy who owned it (I didn’t get his name) was so friendly and the drinks were delicious! I went for coffee as I was super tired, but next time I will definitely be trying a juice.

If you are ever anywhere near it, Ashridge is a really great place to go for breakfast, lunch or even just a walk, especially in the summer. 

The small cafe shop has some really lovely bits and pieces, the monument is huge and most of the time it’s open to walk up too. We had a lovely morning; sometimes family time and good weather is all you really need!

Haze x


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