Dad’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Now, this may seem pretty similar to my previous Father’s Day Gift Ideas post. But, as a daughter whose Dad’s Birthday is the day before Father’s Day this year, and always close by every other year, I wanted to write this whilst it was relevant to me, to show you some of the things that I have found during my internet browsing for Dad’s birthday present.

John Lewis

If your Dad (although I guess these can all also be applied to any male really, or female) enjoys cooking, this little set is perfect. Chillies and chutneys have a really long expiration date too, so they can be enjoyed for ages.

John Lewis (Fred Perry)

I’ve actually already bought this bag for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it, so I think a Dad would too. It’s the perfect size for a laptop and/or folders so would be great for work, but I think it could also fit a sports kit in it too and be used as a gym bag. Super useful!


This belt looks so cool in my opinion. Heistercamp are such a great brand, they sell really high quality, handmade leather items that look and feel absolutely amazing. I love their products! If you are looking to order from them make sure you do it a fair amount of time in advance, as every item is made to order (which I think makes this brand even better).


You can never go wrong with a few bottles of beer, and Waitrose do some great ones with really unique names and images on the front. I love this Old Thumper Strong Ale and thin that my Dad would too.


Cosy pyjamas always go down well as they are, in my opinion, kind of a necessity. Next do some really soft, pretty pairs that stay soft for a long time and won’t break the bank at all. I’ve lost count of how many of these my Dad has!

Office (TOMS)

I know that Toms are an acquired taste, but I really like them. I think they look cool, they feel comfortable and they go with any casual outfit. Also, if your Dad has a summer holiday planned, these are perfect for just slipping on and wearing as beach shoes!


As we’re getting closer to summer, it’s almost time to get the BBQ’s out and start inviting everyone over for lunch in the garden. Homebase do a massive range of BBQ’s for all budgets and I think this is a really great gift for any Dad.

Haze x


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