As promised in my What am I Looking Forward to? blog post a little while ago, today I am writing about ValeFest, a small student-run festival at The Vale of the University of Birmingham (I went a bit picture-crazy as I was using my camera rather than my phone!).

The festival was on Saturday (June 4th) and we were so lucky with the weather, it was one of the warmest days of the year so far! There were multiple stages, stands and food stalls – enough to keep everyone entertained for hours.

We had a great time watching the dance tent, which later on in the evening was getting pretty full as people became increasingly merry! But my favourite was the acoustic stage/tent, which was small but cosy, hidden away behind the trees.

The main stage was always surrounded by people and from what we watched I could see why! Honestly, I had never heard of any of the acts that were advertised for the event but I was thoroughly impressed with all the talent that was on show.

The festival was so pretty, there were loads of hidden little ‘accessories’ amongst the trees that added to the festival vibe, and what we tried of the food (a mint and cookie dough chocolate pot) was lovely too!

My only criticism would be the speed in which the food stalls ran out of food – we ended up going back to our flat to eat as there was nothing left that we fancied, although at the start of the afternoon there was an impressive selection. Hopefully that’s something that will be noted and improved for next year. 

I will definitely be re-attending ValeFest next June, it was such a fun day and the perfect way to relax and unwind after far too much exam stress, as well as a way to celebrate the end of first year. The event isn’t just limited to students at the university so, if you are in the area, it is certainly a day out that I would recommend!

Haze x


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