Breakfast in the Sun

Yesterday morning Luke, my parents and I enjoyed breakfast at Blue Mountain Yard, a wonderful cafe in Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes.

As the sun was shining we sat outside with our two dogs, who both very much enjoyed the bacon that my mum ‘secretly’ passed to them under the table!

Drinks-wise, Luke had a hot chocolate, whilst my parents and I went for lattes – the mugs that the drinks are served in are so cute and the drinks themselves were really yummy.

For food, I had a cheese and mushroom omelette, which would usually come with toast but, as I don’t eat bread, I had it without and it was still a perfectly sized and seriously good breakfast.

My parents had bacon sandwiches and Luke went for a sausage sandwich, all of which was thoroughly enjoyed. I love the little pots that the sauces come in with the food, I think it’s such a nice touch!

Blue Mountain Yard is always busy, especially at lunch times (their curried chicken is TO DIE FOR), and I would really recommend this cafe for any meal of the day. It’s especially great if you’re looking for somewhere outside of the main city centre and the traffic that comes along with it!

The staff are always so friendly and happy to help, the interior is airy and really well-decorated, the food is amazing – what’s not to love?!

Have you found any foodie hidden gems recently?

Haze x


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