Five All Time Favourite Songs

I’ve decided not to publish a ‘My Weekend in Photographs’ this week, partly because yesterday’s blog post, My Recent Instagrams, was full of photos and also because I haven’t really taken many photos this weekend. If you want to see my previous weekends in photographs though, they’re all on my lifestyle page here.

I have been relatively busy this weekend: on Friday night I enjoyed a few cocktails with an old friend, on Saturday I went to a Languages Fair at Milton Keynes Open University and then went shopping for new running trainers (YAY) and on Sunday we had a bit of a lazy day with Luke’s dog, and then pigged out on Luke’s Mum’s lasagna.

So, today I thought I would write something a bit different: Five All Time Favourite Songs (in no particular order).

1. Don Broco: Priorities.

I love this band, I have for a long while and I have seen them live more times than I can count. Although this is one of their earliest tracks, it still never fails to get me singing along and always massively improves my mood.

2. Mayday Parade: Stay.

This is a pretty sad song with an equally sad video, but I love it. Mayday Parade have also been a favourite band of mine for a long time and, although their songs are heartbreaking at times, I will always enjoy listening to any one of their albums.

3. Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl.

A much more upbeat song, this track never fails to get me dancing along and always puts a smile on my face.

4. Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson: Valerie. 

To me, this song is a classic. I adore Amy Winehouse’s voice and this is the perfect song to sing along to. Which I do, regularly.

5. Sixpence None the Richer: Kiss Me.

My Dad loves this song and so do I, it always reminds me of him and my Mum as I sang it for them at their 25th wedding anniversary party. I love the lyrics, the voice and the guitar, it all makes me think of summer.

What are your favourite songs?

Haze x


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