My Weekend in Photographs No.9

Hello you lovely lot, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I will apologise in advance if this post is a little boring,  as this has definitely been the laziest weekend that I have had in a long time.

On Friday night Luke’s band (I will link their Facebook page here if you’re interested) played a sort of ‘comeback gig’ at Bedford Esquires, which was great fun but also meant that Saturday was a complete write-off. The only time I left the house was to walk the dog an after that I was straight back onto the sofa.

Sunday afternoon was much the same, but in the morning we joined my parents at Ashridge Monument for a really lovely dog walk, breakfast and coffee and cake in the sunshine. 

I do hope that you enjoy this post and I promise that the next few weekends have a lot more in store!

Haze x



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