The Best Pub in Edinburgh

Hi guys! I don’t know about you, but my favourite blogs to read and to write are food based, so here’s another foodie post for you…

As promised in a previous post, Edinburgh Days 3 & 4, this is a (raving) review of Hectors, a wonderful pub in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. I also mentioned it in my Our Favourite Places to Eat in Edinburgh post a little while back. We visited Hectors on a relatively quiet Wednesday lunchtime and Luke and I both thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, service and our food.

I love the layout and decor of this place, it’s so cute, really gastro-pub-esque and, as you can see, very photogenic! From the outside Hectors looks like it’s going to be relatively small but this is seriously deceiving, as the pub stretches back and is actually really spacious. It’s also a completely open-plan space which I like, because I like to be nosy and see all the other tables!

We went for just a main course each, as it was only lunch time and we knew that we would most likely pig out later on that evening at dinner (as always). Luke took advantage of the weekday deal that Hectors offer, a burger and a beer for ¬£10.00, and had a bacon cheeseburger and a pint of Doombar. The chips that went with this were amazing and, according to Luke, so was the burger – he was very impressed! 

I had my absolute favourite pub meal: pie and mash. This pie was chicken, ham hock and creme fraiche and it was delicious, so was the mash and veg that went with it. I am a massive carb lover and pastry is one of my all time favourites, so I thoroughly enjoyed this meal, it was my favourite out of our whole trip! 

For a pub situated right on the high street of a very busy area in Edinburgh, Hectors is really well priced. Because of this, and the great food, I’m really not surprised at how busy it gets in the evenings. If you were interested in visiting for dinner, I definitely recommend booking a table.

I love writing these foodie posts and I hope that you enjoy them, too. Where is your favourite place to eat?

Haze x



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