Let’s try some new skincare: Forever Aloe

Hello you lovely lot!

As I’ve mentioned before in previous skincare-esque posts (which I will link here and here), I love trying new skincare, so when a friend of mine offered me a trial of some Forever Aloe products, to review for my blog, I couldn’t say no! After all, who doesn’t love some aloe vera on sensitive skin?

Before I tell you all about this seriously luxurious stuff, please go and check out Amy’s business page and blog – she’s lovely and you won’t regret it!

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This whole range is soothing and gentle, it left my skin feeling so pampered, like a facial every morning and night! The box that it all comes in is really helpful, too, as inside the lid there is a numbered list of products so you can’t go wrong with which order you use each one in.

So, to start with, let’s talk about the cleanser:

This is creamy, rich and so moisturising but also leaves your skin feeling wonderfully clean. It’s not too heavy, which I really like, so your skin doesn’t feel blocked or overloaded by the time you’ve used this and the other products.

This toner is exactly what is says on the tin (tub? bottle?), SO REFRESHING. If I didn’t have to give my trial pack back to Amy, I would definitely be decanting this into a spray bottle so that I could spritz it on my face during the day!

Now, I’ve never used a serum, and I’m still not really too sure on what they do, but I do like this one. My skin feels plumped and nourished straight after using it and you only need to use a really tiny little drop, it spreads a seriously long way.

You know when sometimes, you wake up in the morning, and all evidence of the night cream that you applied the previous evening has disappeared and your skin is seriously thirsty? I get that all the time. I didn’t really think that a cream this light would do anything to help, but it works wonders! My  skin doesn’t feel so tight and in the morning my face is still silky smooth.

My only criticism which, to be honest, isn’t even a criticism as I’m so used to them, is that these products didn’t really have an effect on spots. It definitely didn’t make them worse, but I still suffer from the same kind of breakouts as before. I can definitely live with that, though.

Because, like I said, Amy is lovely, she is offering you guys a 10% discount on any of the Forever Aloe products that you might want to order. Just contact her through the business page linked towards the top of this post . If you’re not a skincare fan, there’s so many other things to pick from so go have a look!

Have you tried out any new skincare recently? Let me know!

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