My Least Favourite Things About Summer

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As promised in my last summery post, My Favourite Things About Summer, this is post about summer no.2 (how many times can I mention summer in one sentence?). My Least Favourite Things About Summer!

1. Bugs

So it’s late evening and still relatively warm, you want to leave the back door/windows open to let some air through the house. But you can’t, unless you want to sit in total darkness, because moths are attracted to light and your house will soon become the new home of what seems like hundreds of bugs. There is nothing worse than having to de-moth your bedroom before going to sleep.

2. Humidity

When the temperature gets past 25C in the UK, it stops being a nice warm day and becomes a nightmare of sticky skin, frizzy hair and absolutely no breeze. Not good. You know that scene in Friends when their in Hawaii? Monica screaming IT’S THE HUMIDITY!? That. Everyday.

3.  Salads

You know the people that say the heat makes them less hungry so they’d rather just have salads for dinner? I am not one of them, at all. Give me pie and mash any day of the week. 

4. The lack of air con

I know that it very, very rarely gets hot enough in the UK to need air con, so practically nowhere has it, but oh my goodness it really is all I want when I’m sat at work in horrible, sticky, UK hotness. The same with restaurants; I may love a good meal out but it is for sure nowhere near as enjoyable when it’s just as warm outside as it is inside. Not fun.

5. Shiny skin

Always having to keep blotting powder in my handbag, constantly having to apply powder to stop my nose from gleaming and having practically no foundation left on my face by the end of the working day. Don’t get me wrong, I like the warm weather for clearing up my spots, but I’m not a fan of all the extra work that it takes to keep my face looking the way I want it to look!

What are your least favourite things about summer?

Haze x



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