Birmingham Student Eats: Yakinori

If you’re living in Birmingham and you’ve never been to Yakinori, you’re missing out. Think Wagamamas, but better (I know right?!).

I know that there is a Yakinori in Grand Central, New Street Station that always has a queue stretching out the door and round the corner, so I prefer the quieter (but still pretty busy) one in Selly Oak, near the University.

The portions are huge, the prices are reasonable and the food is AMAZING, what else can I say?

Luke and I visited Yakinori for lunch last weekend and, as always, we were not disappointed at all. To start us off, I went for the Tropical Fever Juice (apple, mango and orange) and we shared the Chicken Gyoza dumplings. The juice was so yummy, a really decent size and refreshing too! The dumplings, as always as they are a firm favourite of ours, were fab and I will definitely continue to order them every single time we visit (which is a lot).

If you follow my Instagram, you will have already seen the lunch that I chose, because it was just too good-looking not to share. This is the Yakinori Teppanyaki, which is basically a big bowl of noodle, prawn, chicken and vegetable goodness, topped with a miso soy sauce. Like my Instagram caption said, I would eat this again and again and again if I could.

Whilst I tried something new, Luke went for his favourite dish of Chicken Katsu Curry. I can’t say I blame him, this dish is the best curry I’ve ever tasted and, as you can see, it’s always served in an absolutely enormous portion. I highly recommend that you try it for yourself!

I hope you guys are enjoying this little ‘Birmingham Student Eats’ series, I’m certainly enjoying trying all these restaurants so that I can report back to you!

Haze x



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