It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at Rush Hair

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend a VIP Christmas event at RUSH Hair in Birmingham. As you can see I had my hair done like a rock star, and I also had a tour of the new salon, chatted to some of the stylists and had a lovely time with some fellow Brum bloggers!

The salon was only recently taken over by new managers Scott and Liam (in the last 4 weeks or so) and they have done such an amazing job, the interior is beautiful and all of the stylists were so talented.

The salon was split into four different stations, for us to try out whichever hair style we wanted out of: braids (my personal favourite), GHD hair techniques, hair-up and curls. It was so wonderful to sit and chat whilst being treated to some hair pampering; I came out with a braided, back-combed style which I would never have been able to do myself but which I completely fell in love with.

I was so sad that all I was doing after the event was going home, I wanted to stay out and show off my fancy hair!

Like I mentioned, the salon itself is gorgeous and I especially loved what they’ve done with the sinks!  Scott, the manager explained that for most people getting your hair washed (and sometimes a head massage) is the best part of a trip to the salon, and the sink area really does reflect this view perfectly.

IT’S SO PRETTY and relaxing, comfortable, soothing etc. It’s in a separate area to the stylist chairs, too, so you can sit back and relax without being watched by fellow salon-goers!

I can’t write this post without mentioning the wonderful staff over at RUSH, they truly spoilt us with some delicious Christmas treats and glasses of prosecco (which were very generously topped up on multiple occasions) and hosted a really great Christmas event which showcased their new salon perfectly.

If you’re in Birmingham and on the hunt for a new salon to try, I cannot imagine that you would ever be disappointed at RUSH Birmingham. Friendly and seriously talented stylists, super pretty decor and a welcoming, friendly feel: what more could you ask for, right?

Haze x



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