Christmas in Birmingham

Hello there, welcome back! Sorry for the delay, let’s get back to some Christmas content shall we?

The German Christmas markets in Birmingham are pretty well-known in the UK, and for good reason – they are fab. A couple of friends and I headed into New Street during the week to enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere (and try some crepes!). 

Whilst admittedly slightly over-priced, the rows of stalls are wonderfully pretty and have a really festive vibe to them; if I wasn’t currently budgeting hard for Christmas I could have spent many, many pennies.

We went relatively early on a Wednesday evening to avoid the crowds, and if you can do the same I would definitely recommend that you do, because it meant we could look around properly and didn’t feel rushed by any crowds of Christmas shoppers!

Apparently, you can’t go to the Christmas market without getting a mug of mulled wine (my housemate said this so it must be true). However, I’m not a fan of the vino tinto so while Hannah enjoyed a mug of that, I headed straight for some mini lemon and sugar crepes.

Another friend followed my lead and favoured the food too, but had her tiny pancakes smothered in Nutella and banana – fruit makes anything healthy, right?

I am the annoying friend who won’t let you touch your food until I have photographed it.

The Christmas decorations that surround the market this year look great, but my absolute favourite part had to be the Santa. From a balcony, he serenaded us with German versions of Christmas carols and festive classics, everyone joined in with his rendition of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and he really did put a smile on my face. 

If you’re in the area and fancy some street food, there are countless stalls serving everything from snacks and desserts to full blown meals. I will admit that I spent a good while staring enviously at all the people visiting the garlic bread stall, wishing I hadn’t already planned to eat dinner at home!

I had a great night at the Birmingham Christmas Market, and if you’re in the area I hope you do too, it’s great fun!

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