My Tattoo Experiences

I currently have three tattoos: one on my left thigh, one on my back and another on the inside of my right ankle. 

Now, I am fully aware that by no means does this make me an expert, but I’m going to talk you through each of my tattoo ‘experiences’ anyway, and I hope you enjoy. 

All of my tattoos have been done by Kerrie at Insignia Tattoo and she is fab – if you’re looking for a tattoo artist in and around Milton Keynes definitely check out her work!

Tattoo number one is this pretty, not-so-little elephant on my thigh. It was uncomfortable (obviously, it was done with a needle) but not too painful until it got closer to my inner thigh and it took around two hours.

I like to describe the feeling of this tattoo as being like constant cat scratches and it was definitely the least painful one that I’ve had so far.

I don’t really have a set reason or meaning behind this tattoo, I like elephants and I think it’s cool and pretty, which is good enough for me!

At the top of my back I have these gorgeous feathers, beads and my Grandmother’s birth date in Roman numerals. I love this tattoo; it means a lot to me and I still think that it’s beautiful.

This one was a lot more painful, especially on the more intricate details which are done with a smaller needle and it took about an hour and 45 minutes. 

I still smile when I catch a glimpse of my feathers in the mirror – this one might just be my favourite.

My most recent tattoo is a reminder to just go with the flow, and stop being such a stress ball.

I always used to say I’d never get a tattoo with colour but the splashes of blue in this one really make it for me and I can’t wait until summer when I can get out of my jeans and show it off a bit more!

This one took about 45 minutes in total and was so, so painful. Apparently ones close to the end of limbs always are. 

There’s obviously a nerve or something around that part of my leg that the needle kept going over, too, as I couldn’t stop my foot from twitching!

I love all of my tattoos, I’m dead happy with them and can’t imagine regretting them anytime soon, or at all. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Haze x




  1. 19/02/2017 / 9:30 PM

    I'm wanting to get a few tattoos in a couple of years and I'm so nervous! I'm really bad with pain so I keep putting it off until I'm mentally prepared haha

    Amy xx |

    • 20/02/2017 / 8:03 AM

      Oh no don't let the pain put you off, it's definitely worth it! X

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