What happened in January?

Happy February 1st! I hope January was good to you.

January was a busy month for me in a lot of ways, so I thought I would do a little monthly round-up over here. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and hopefully it will serve to remind me that my life isn’t purely university work, I have done other things too!

So, without any further ado and in chronological order…

1. I got a tattoo.

I had an image that I wanted tattooed for about 8 months, I had the money to do it and my tattoo artist had a free slot, so I went for it. I got a pretty little wave on my ankle to remind me to chill out and just go with the flow sometimes, rather than being so stressy. 

2. I moved back to university.

I filled my parents car with all the things that I can’t live without (and way more, obviously) and we headed back to Birmingham. Despite being here now for about 18 months, I’m still surprised at how easily I settle back into uni life after being away for the holidays. 

3. I started a food diary.

As I have mentioned so many times, IBS is the bane of my existence. It’s a real pain (literally and figuratively) and so, to try and tackle it, I have been keeping a food diary all month. So far, there’s been no real pattern or specific food that seems to affect me every time, but I will keep trying and report back to you when I finally have something to share.

4. I got new glasses (and I love them).

I decided to get new glasses this month, as I was realising that I really should be wearing my older ones, but I wouldn’t because I hated them. So, I dragged my housemate to Specsavers, tried on goodness knows how many different frames and we decided on the ones that you can see in the first picture on this post, and my very first attempt at a flatlay. I also got a very similar pair in red and I am loving them so far!

5. I applied for a new passport.

A boring, boring adult thing, but worth mentioning because it means I am one step further along in my preparations for my upcoming year abroad! This was a surprisingly easy and stress-free process, too, so maybe adulting isn’t too bad after all?

6. We won a pub quiz.

Myself and a few of my housemates participated in a pub quiz to raise money for The Children’s Society, and we won! Our prize was a £15 bar tab, so this, along with the £1 drinks that the bar was offering, meant that we ended up staying out for much longer than planned but hey, that’s what students do, right?

7. I tried some fab new restaurants.

This month I finally got to try The Botanist, Birmingham. My friends and I attended their GinFest and it was so much fun, I’m already planning a trip back to try more of the menu! Another new one that I had never tried before, but also thoroughly enjoyed, is The Jugged Hare in London. Luke and I visited here at the weekend and their quirky decor and matching menu really is great, we both highly recommend it!

8. I spent a weekend in London.

Luke and I decided to treat ourselves with our Christmas money and spent a wonderful weekend in London. We explored a couple of museums and art galleries, stayed in a lovely Spanish hotel (of course I chose it) and, like I mentioned, enjoyed a very fancy meal out. 

So, overall, January has been pretty damn good to me. Let’s hope that the rest of 2017 is the same!

Haze x



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