What Feminism Means to Me


I saw something on Facebook this morning that really annoyed me. Like it really, really p*ssed me off.

It was a post aimed towards men, and started with the phrase ‘no offence ladies, don’t take this too personal’. Obviously, a great start, and obviously, an offensive messaged followed.

The post basically told us women that while we may say that we can do whatever we want with our own bodies (which is 100% true), if we post pictures of ourselves in anything less than full clothing, or in seductive poses, or if we dress in short skirts or low cut tops, or if we decide to go out partying with our friends at the weekend, then men will never respect us, or want to ‘wife’ us.


I read this post, and then I clicked off of it. Then I read it again, logged on to blogger, wrote down the title of this post and saved it as a draft. Because, after reading it, the first thought I had was that it is people like this, and opinions like this, which are why we need feminism, and I wanted to write about that.

I find it baffling how some, and it is definitely only some, men STILL believe that we women dress for them, in order to gain their admiration or respect. Or that we act a certain way in order to impress them, rather then just because we damn well want to.

Furthermore, the idea that our life choices should be based around, or even affected by, whether or not a man might want to marry us is completely absurd, unjust, and yet another reason why feminism needs to exist.

We are paid less, we are assaulted more often, we are sexualised, we are taught to lengthen our skirts so as not to distract or encourage the advances of our male counterparts. For all of these reasons, and for so many more, feminism is a cause that I will always stand by, promote and push forwards.

To me, feminism means gender equality. Women being treated equally to men. For the simple reason that we are humans just as they are, and so we deserve the same basic and fundamental rights that they do.

Rant over.

Haze x



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