Drinking All the Tea at T2

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a tea masterclass at T2 in Milton Keynes. Of course, I said yes straight away to this invite as I was immediately intrigued, I’d never heard of a tea masterclass before and I’m always up for trying something a bit different!

T2 seemed like the perfect place to do this, as they offer 151 different flavours of tea that I couldn’t wait to give a try!

If you haven’t been to the T2 store in MK yet, go. Even if you don’t like tea. The interior is seriously pretty, bright and colourful. I can imagine it would be a visual merchandiser’s dream!


I went into the store more or less adamant that english breakfast tea was my favourite, peppermint tea came in a close second and some fruit teas were okay. I left with a completely different perspective after being treated to seven different flavours, all of which were completely new to me! Let me talk you through it…

First up was the Packs a Punch peach iced tea. This one was fresh, fruity and would be absolutely perfect for a non-alcoholic alternative to a good old Pimms on a warm summer’s day! 

Next up Jordan, the lovely manager over at T2 in Milton Keynes, showed me the perfect alternative to my usual English Breakfast tea: Irish Breakfast. I loved this, and bought a box for myself before I left the store. It’s the only black tea I’ve ever enjoyed without milk, it doesn’t even have a trace of the slightly metallic taste that I usually get with English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

In my notes for the Irish Breakfast I’ve just put three of the big heart eyes emoji, so you know it must have been good!

To cool down, Jordan showed me her favourite iced tea in their spring range: Pumping Pomegranate. I drank so much of this one, they had to keep re-filling my cup! It was so refreshing and totally converted me on pomegranate, which I never really thought I liked.

Another slightly quirky range of tea that T2 offer is vegetable tea. I was slightly too nervous to try any, but Jordan told me that all of their veggie options are 100% organic and vegan, which I thought was fab. Maybe someday I’ll be slightly braver and give carrot a go!

I feel like this next one is going to be a bit like marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it. I LOVED it.

Baxter’s Buns was an Easter special for T2 last year and is back again by popular demand. It’s made to (and it really does) taste exactly like hot cross buns. Jordan made a Baxter’s Buns latte for me on the stove (with soy milk – creamy and delicious!) and it soon became my new favourite tea.

It’s surprisingly filling as well, perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Tea number 5 was something that seems to be all the rage right now, but that I was a little nervous to try myself – matcha.

It certainly has a kick to it, and I can’t say I was too keen on the matcha powder on its own mixed with hot water. However, the matcha cinnamon latte which we mixed up next was surprisingly tasty, and something that I could definitely get used to.

This coming week, T2 start their new matcha campaign, so they’ll be introducing tonnes of new matcha flavours. So hopefully I’ll find some more flavours to enjoy!

Finally, we have a fancy, chocolate green tea (I know, right?!) and the second tea that I ended up taking a box of home.

The T2 Jade Mountain Green Tea seriously surprised me, as it tastes just like Ferrero roché. It’s light, sweet and, as it’s a green tea, healthy too! Perfect for any chocolate lovers who might be wanting to try and cut down.

Lastly, I tried the T2 Tummy Tea; Tummy Tea is a mixture of mint, liquorice and so many other good things. For me, it’s been really excellent to soothe my stomach during some nasty IBS days and it tastes really good too. A possible replacement for my usual, trusty peppermint tea, I think!

I had the best experience at T2, the team at the MK store are wonderful and I was amazed at just how many flavours of tea that exist in store, that I never even imagined. 

If you get a chance, definitely go and say hi, the team always have a few urns and jugs of different hot and iced teas for visitors to try, which is the perfect way to give new flavours a go without the commitment of buying a whole box.

I really can’t speak highly enough of my tea masterclass, and when I’m back in Birmingham I will definitely be popping into the new T2 store there as well, to see their new matcha display and range in the flesh!

Haze x



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