Let’s Chat: My Summer Goals

I have not been at all consistent over on this blog and for that I apologise. I don’t even have a real excuse; I was busy with exams, but they ended a while a go, then I flitted between home and Birmingham for a while with no real purpose, and now I’m back at work.

If anything, then, I missed my couple of weeks of free time to get this blog back up and running again. So, we’re starting again now. Happy hump day, I’m going to walk you through some of my goals for this summer, let’s get on with it!

First things first, and hopefully this one can get out of the way sooner rather than later, is tackling my IBS. After countless, useless GP appointments which have gotten me absolutely nowhere I have decided to turn to homeopathy. I have my first appointment next week and I will definitely be keeping a log of how it goes on here.

SO many people have told me that IBS is most commonly linked to food allergies and intolerances, and I think that up until now I’ve ignored them because I really don’t want to be forced into cutting things that I love out of my diet. But there’s only so long you can put up with regular pain without seeking further help, so I’m giving it a go. 

I also need to sort myself out, ready for my year abroad which starts in September. I’m off to do a teaching assistantship in Andalusia, Spain and right now I could not be more excited. I’m 100% sure that the fear will set in closer to my departure date, but for now I’m focusing on organising as much as I can for what is looking to be an incredibly exciting year. 

Before I can sort out September, though, I desperately need to sort out my life right now. I’ve been back from Birmingham for a week now and my room is still covered in bags of clothes, boxes of stuff, stacks of books. I have far too much that I barely use, or even look at, so that’s my to-do list sorted for this weekend – I need to get started on a HUGE clear out!

I’ve recently started running (again) and I want to actually keep it up this time. I want to feel fit and healthy, happy and good about myself and I enjoy being outside. I’ve bought myself some comfy new running tops and sports bras as a little bit of motivation to keep going and so far I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I can’t quite say I’m enjoying running in this heat, though!

Another thing that I really need to get better at, is keeping in touch with friends. As much as I hate it, I am one of those people who too many times has let friendships dwindle purely due to a lack of contact. So, this summer (I hope) will be one of catch ups with friends that I miss and who I didn’t really ever mean to stop talking to. Besides, what better pastime in this gorgeous weather than a good old gossip in a pub garden, right?

And last but not least, I want to get my butt in gear with this blog. I have lists of half-finished blog posts that I want to post, but just haven’t. I’m not really sure why that is; I’ve been finding it hard to open my laptop and put into words exactly what I want to say. Despite this lack of motivation, writing on here is something I really have missed doing over the last couple of weeks, and if anything that’s proved to myself how much I do love doing this!

So there we go, my thoughts of late all wrapped up in a good old ramble for you. 

Haze x



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