Eating Everything at Towcester Food Festival


I was excited for weeks about Towcester Food Festival; put me in a place filled with all varieties of cuisines and I am one happy lady.  I was even more excited when I googled and found that there would be multiple stalls offering gluten-free goodness, and then there was the forecast for warmth and sunshine all weekend, the cherry on top of the cake (that I am no longer able to eat).


And I have to say, Towcester you did not disappoint.  I ate as much as I possibly could and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. Let me give you a quick run-down…



First up, of course, was a coffee stop. We needed as much energy as possible if we were going to explore every food stall on offer. I wasn’t 100% sold on the coffee van we tried, although they certainly get points for their self-confidence!

I would say maybe it was just good coffee, rather than really awesome.



After our caffeine fix, it was wandering time. I was in absolute awe of the huge selection on offer across the whole festival. Every single tent was full to the brim of truly delicious looking (and smelling), sweet and savoury offerings.


I had no idea we had so many local food businesses but I’m so glad I do now, and I walked away with handfuls of leaflets and business cards.



Now I have to admit, walking past these gluten-full baked goods a few days in to my freshly diagnosed intolerance was not easy. But hey, just because I can no longer appreciate this particular food group doesn’t mean that you guys can’t, right?


So, although I can’t personally vouch for the taste of these here carbs, I can tell you that they looked and smelt totally wonderful.



I was a mixture of anxious and excited when it came to lunch time; anxious that I wouldn’t be able to find anything gluten free that I really wanted (as you can tell, I was not yet out of the ‘gluten free = boring’ mindset at this point), and excited to give something new a go.


I’ve seen the Good Times Cafe so many times around Milton Keynes, along with their corresponding taco truck, and I know that the food they offer is damn good. The fact that they were offering tacos in corn tortillas was an absolute bonus and I needn’t have stressed about my lunch plans in the slightest, I had one of the best meals since my ‘diagnosis’!



I had one pork and one chicken taco with guacamole, sour cream and cheese. It was like heaven in a little cardboard case.



For a £12 entry ticket, Towcester Food Festival was a seriously reasonably priced day out. The gorgeous weather definitely made it better, but nothing could outshine the food that was on offer.


And I can tell you with 100% certainty that every food intolerance or allergy could be catered for with no fuss at all!


Haze x









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