The Fanciest Date Night at The Crazy Bear

This weekend Luke and I celebrated our anniversary with a seriously fancy dinner date, at The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield. I have to admit I was expecting a lot, because let’s face it it is not a cheap restaurant, but my expectations were met and exceeded. Our meal was amazing.

(The lighting, however, was not so great. So, excuse the photo quality!)

Of course we started with the drinks. As I was being a lovely girlfriend and driving so that Luke could have a beer, I wasn’t able to test drive The Crazy Bear’s cocktail menu, but I can tell you that their mocktail menu is huge and it took me a long time to pick just one!

My Appleberry mocktail was adorable, delicious and a really good alternative to my usual cocktail. In fact, it was so sweet in itself that I’m pretty sure an alcoholic version wouldn’t really have tasted much different.

We shared a starter. Mainly because I didn’t really fancy any of the gluten free options and I’m not usually the biggest fan of pork crackling, so I didn’t want any to go to waste if I ended up not enjoying it.

I really needn’t have worried though, because I thoroughly enjoyed my half of this little appetiser – there was hardly any chewy fat on the crackling which is usually my least favourite part, and the apple sauce was to-die-for. One course down and I was already a very happy little foodie.

Continuing our theme of eating exactly the same, Luke completely copied my choice of main course. We went for the pork belly with tender stem broccoli, shallots and garlic, with a side of rosti potato. The potatoes were done with garlic and thyme which meant that my breath smelt awful (sorry for the TMI), but it was 100% heavenly and worth it.

I can quite safely tell you that this dish was the best pork belly I have ever had, and I’m also pretty sure that Luke would tell you the same thing. It was the perfect mixture of soft meat and crunchy crackle.

I have to say that the layout was quite deceiving though, I didn’t think it looked like that much food before I tucked in and ended up struggling to finish my meal (I managed it in the end though, of course)!

Despite being full, we both decided that we might as well make the most of our date night, and go for dessert as well.

I was a little adventurous, with blood orange sorbet. It was sweet, fruity and the perfect refreshment after quite a heavy meal. I have to admit, I did ‘try’ a lot of Luke’s Madagascan vanilla ice cream as well, it was so good! Rich, creamy and a new firm favourite of mine, which is sort of strange for someone who usually avoids boring old vanilla!

I can’t write a review of The Crazy Bear and not mention the service that we received. Before we had even arrived, I was really impressed.

Luke and I were originally booked in to enjoy the seven course signature menu that The Crazy Bear offer. In fact, we had already paid for this with a voucher that was a Christmas present. After being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, though, it became apparent that a lot of that menu wasn’t going to be suitable for me.

So, after mentioning this to the restaurant, they gave both Luke and I the equivalent of our voucher towards the A La Carte menu, which had a huge selection of gluten free dishes that I could enjoy. They really didn’t have to do that but they did, and it made my impression of The Crazy Bear even more fantastic than it would have been based on the food alone.

So, if you’re looking for your next fancy date night, celebratory meal, or just a really good meal – look no further!


Haze x





  1. 07/08/2017 / 1:10 PM

    I’ve never heard of the Crazy Bear but it sounds so intriguing and looks amazing! The pork belly sounds so good, especially with the rosti potatoes. The sorbet looks fab too!
    This sounds like somewhere I’m going to definitely have to try! Thanks for sharing.


    • hazebeaulie
      07/08/2017 / 8:24 PM

      It is fab – especially for a special occasion! I would 100% recommend it, we’ve tried the Stadhampton one too and it’s also great, that one has its own little farm shop which is adorable. Thank you for reading! xxx

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