Getting Highly Caffeinated With Costa Coffee


I drink a lot of coffee. And I spend a lot of time in Costa. So, when the opportunity came up to join in on one of their masterclasses (and donate to their charity, the Costa Foundation, at the same time), I couldn’t resist.

Now, I do have to warn you that, as it turns out, I am useless at making coffee. It’s really not my forte. But I had a great time and I supported a good cause, so I’m going to tell you all about it anyway…



Our masterclass took place at the Costa over at MK1, upstairs in Outfit. We were kitted out in little aprons to save our clothing (as you can see I rather stupidly wore a white top), and taught by the lovely Honza, who really knows his stuff – I was dead impressed!

He started out by showing us the basics, talking us through the process from coffee bean to latte and making us tasters of Costa’s most popular hot drinks (latte and cappuccino, if you’re interested).

Amongst many other coffee facts, we learnt that the espresso goes in first in a cappuccino but second in a latte, and that a cappuccino must have that magic golden ring of coffee around the foam for it to taste just right.

Then it was our turn.



Everyone else did pretty well, creating drinks that looked at least similar to Honza’s masterpieces. Not me. In the words of our ‘teacher’, my cappuccino was ‘abstract’. It still tasted good, though, and that’s all that really matters, right?



Picasso eat your heart out


I mean, any customer in their right mind would probably send it back, but for a first attempt I’ll take it. I’ll definitely never be impatient in a coffee queue again, as it’s really not as easy as it may look to make the perfect cup!

After letting us have our go, Honza took over again to show us his personal favourite drink on the Costa menu – the flat white.

If you’re a fan of coffee art, this is the drink for you. The flat white is the only Costa drink without a standard, which means that the baristas get to be original with the art they design on top.



Almost too pretty to drink, right? Apparently, those who try the flat white never go back to their usual coffee. I’ve promised to give it a try when I’m not already two coffees down and feeling like I may never get to sleep again!



I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Costa masterclass, but I really enjoyed what turned out to be a great experience. It’s not everyday that you get to try something new and support a great charity at the same time.

All the proceeds made from this class are going to The Costa Foundation, which aims to relieve poverty in coffee growing communities and to provide an equal, quality education to both genders, both of which are goals that I strongly believe in.

The only change I would make would be going to an earlier class because, as I type this whilst being still wide awake at half past midnight, two large cups of coffee at 9pm really isn’t conducive to a decent nights sleep!

Haze x






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