A Gluten Free Gourmet Burger

This week, Tuesday night was date night.

Ever since I was told I can no longer eat gluten (nope, still not over it), I’ve been craving burgers. I never even used to like them that much!

I feel like usually people say ‘you always want what you can’t have’ about love and romance. Not for me. Burgers, all the way.



After some searching, I found Gourmet Burger Kitchen‘s gluten free menu. This made me SO HAPPY. I can eat so much from there, which is pretty much unheard of for a gluten intolerant in a burger bar!

The only teensy disappointment was that chips aren’t gluten free at GBK. I wasn’t gutted about this for too long, though, because I replaced them with halloumi bites and GBK homeslaw. As you can imagine, I left with a seriously full and happy tummy.



Burger-wise, I went for the chicken and bacon pesterella (chicken burger, gluten free bun of course, crispy bacon, mozzarella, basil pesto, basil mayo, relish and salad!). It was delicious and I would highly recommend it for anyone who’s not a huge fan of beef burgers like me.

The only thing I would warn any new gluten-free’ers – gluten free burger buns are not as big as usual burger buns! I resorted to eating my burger with a knife and fork as the chicken fillet was so much bigger than the bun itself.

I am a very happy foodie now that I’ve found a burger bar that really caters for my new eating regime. Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I will be back!



Haze x







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