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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a little dog mad. Our mix-breed Jinx is my little baby (even though she’s huge and nearly ten now) and so I was mega excited when the lovely guys over at offered her a months worth of personalised dog food to try out.

They’re also offering you guys 2 weeks free dog food with just ¬£1 delivery too, but I’ll get to that later.

Jinx has never been a fussy eater, but she is pretty sensitive. She’s reacted badly to some foods in the past so being able to personalise her food was perfect. And I have to say, she LOVES it.



When you order with, you basically personalise every part of the food. You enter details about your dogs breed (or in my case, leave that out as we have no idea!), their weight, any allergies or particular dislikes that they have, and what they’re used to eating.

You’re sent about a months worth of food at a time, although Jinx’s batch has lasted longer than this as we started off mixing it with her usual food so as not to shock her!

With the food, you also get all of the information you could ever ask for and more, so you know exactly what you’re giving your dog. This includes calories, exact ingredients and the aims of each of these ingredients.

For example, based on the information I gave about Jinx, her tailor-made dry blend is aimed to do the following things: 45.6% senior care, 29.6% mobility care and 24.8% calorie management. She even got her name on the front of the bag – so cute!

As its been a little while, Jinx is now completely on these tails biscuits and she has yet to leave a single one in her bowl at any meal.



Every single thing about the service has been wonderful – delivery was smooth and I got regular updates on when to expect my dog food, my online account lists every piece of information about Jinx’s food in case I lose my leaflet with that same info in, and the food really is totally specific and personalised to your dog.

Subscription dog food isn’t something I even knew was possible but I’m not sure if we’ll ever go back to buying in shops now. really make purchasing from them completely fair, too, as the price you pay is based on the amount of food your dog eats and needs. Even with a little piggy like Jinx it’s still more cost effective to buy with them too!

So now, your free dog food code. If you’re interested in treating your pooch to a special delivery, use the link below to get 2 weeks free food and pay just ¬£1 delivery – how fab?!

I was sceptical about personalised dog food, I’ll be honest, but this has worked out so well for us that I am officially a convert!



Haze x





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