All the Fun at FriendsFest

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know this, but if not then I’ll tell you now that I was the happiest little Friends fanatic on Monday, because it was finally time to visit FriendsFest.

I actually bought these tickets a while ago as a surprise for Luke, but if I’m honest I’m not sure which of us was more excited when the day rolled around. We had the best time.

FriendsFest is moving around the country on its tour, but at the moment it’s set in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Luckily, we had dry and pretty warm weather, so we were able to wander the sets and stalls all day.

I hope you enjoy my little write-up of the event – I took so, so many photos but I have narrowed them down to my favourite ones so I don’t bore you:

We started the day with a set tour, where you can explore the two apartments (Joey and Chandler’s and then Monica’s), as well as seeing some of the props and outfits used throughout the filming of the show.

I was in my absolute element, the apartments were set up exactly as I had seen them on TV countless times and it made me miss the show even more than I did already (yes, I’m still waiting on The One With The Reunion)!

On the tickets and website, they advise that a trip to FriendsFest lasts about two and a half hours. We were there for about five. There was so much to see and try out, I loved all the photo ops (Rachel and Ross’ Vegas Wedding, Monica and Rachel’s prom and more) and spent way too much money on the merch stand. But hey, I’m only going to do it once, right?

If you’re a Friends fan, a ticket to FriendsFest is definitely not a waste – the day was fab value for money and had everything you could ever wish for, along with a pang of nostalgia for my all-time favourite show!


Haze x




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