The Best Gluten Free Breakfast in Milton Keynes

I’ve found it. The best gluten free breakfast in Milton Keynes. In fact, I’m almost disappointed that I didn’t find it sooner!

As you can already tell, The Anchor at Aspley Guise seriously impressed me. Not only do they have an extensive gluten free menu, but they also have great taste in decor and they’re dog friendly – perfect for our post-walk breakfast on a Saturday morning (we luckily managed to dodge the torrential rain that lasted for the entire afternoon).

Have you ever seen gluten free eggs benedict on a menu? I hadn’t (until now). Eggs benedict is my all-time favourite breakfast – if it’s on the menu, I want it – so I am not exaggerating when I say I was thrilled that The Anchor offer this as a gluten free option.

Also, have you ever seen a more photogenic breakfast and restaurant? If I could steal The Anchor’s interior for my own house, I 100% would, and that’s including the benches and flowerpots for the garden.

It looked good, and it tasted even better – the bread tasted freshly made (the best gluten free bread I’ve tasted so far!), the ham was perfectly roasted and not in the least bit tough, the sauce was creamy and the eggs were the perfect amount of runny. Heaven.

I could have eaten this all day, and I’m already desperate to go back. I’m always surprised when individual pubs like The Anchor end up offering an impressive gluten free menu, because at the end of the day I guess it could be inconvenient, or less cost effective, for a business, but it will definitely keep me coming back.

My allergist said something to me last week, which I totally agreed with and which I think more restaurants should keep in mind. Eating out with a gluten-free eater is a lot like going drinking with a real ale drinker; the group follows the ‘fussiest’ eater/drinker. So really, eateries are doing themselves disservice by not catering for us celiacs!

If, like the majority, you’re not gluten free, you still get a pretty good show at The Anchor. My parents went for a sausage and egg bap and a bacon and egg bap, both served with brown sauce and in a brioche bun.

Now, I obviously can’t speak for the taste of these myself, but they looked and smelled delicious. I’m in love with these plates, too., they’d look perfect in my dream kitchen.

I can also tell you that our dog, Jinx, thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers that she was treated too. They really do offer something for everyone!

I can’t wait to get back to The Anchor. I’m planning on trying them out for every meal of the day. I love that they offer more than just your typical, full English fry-up, it made our breakfast feel that little bit more special which was a nice treat for a Saturday morning.

If you have any recommendations for me, for gluten free eating in and around the Milton Keynes area, please let me know. I’m always up for trying somewhere new!


Haze x




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