Indian Cuisine Magic at Maaya Milton Keynes

Indian food has been my favourite cuisine for a long, long time. Especially now that it’s one of the only cuisines where I can eat pretty much everything!

The lovely team over at Maaya in Milton Keynes were kind enough to invite me and Luke over for dinner this week, and it was fab. We ate far too much, but enjoyed it all and I am pretty sure we’ll be back again soon.

The lighting in these photos may be not-so-good, but I can tell you that these starters were pretty great. As is tradition whenever Luke and I have Indian food, we started off with more than a few poppadoms, and then went on to share the onion bhajis and the chicken Murgh Malai Tikka. I have to say, although these dishes do not come as a pair on the menu, they really do compliment each other!

The bahjis were delicious and not at all too greasy, which can be the downfall of this dish in some places. I was pleasantly surprised that these are gluten free, too, just like the majority of Maaya’s menu.

In fact, anything with gluten in it is marked with a little, green ‘g’ on the menu, making it so easy to avoid anything that will make me, and any other celiacs, ill!

Moving on to the main attraction, I went for the Shahi Murgh Kurma, a creamy and much more flavoursome take on the traditional chicken korma.

Unfortunately (or so I thought), the damage I did to my gut by eating gluten (when I was unaware I was allergic to it), means that at the moment I really cannot handle spicy food. Even though I have never really been a spice fan, I have always enjoyed curries with a bit of a kick, but I was not at all disappointed with this dish, nor did I feel I was missing out in comparison to Luke’s lamb dish.

I have to mention as well that the amount of chicken in my serving was enormous, I definitely left Maaya with quite a substantial food baby!

Always adventurous, Luke went for the Lamb Raarah Gosht, which I am pretty sure he had never tried before. The only disappointment here was that Luke is not a fan of peas and ordered this dish not realising that they would be a feature of the sauce. But hey, his fussy eating habits can hardly be blamed on the restaurant, now can they?

Side dish-wise (I told you I left with a food baby), Luke and I shared the Garlic Pilau Rice and some Methiwala Sag Aloo, the latter of which I of course forgot to take a photo of.

Sag Aloo is one of my favourite side dishes to order from an Indian menu, and the rice was definitely seasoned with a considerable amount of garlic(!). We finished all of the dishes that we shared, which is a definite testament to the chefs at Maaya being able to produce some seriously tasty food, but the Naan Bread that Luke picked for himself was only half touched. His eyes were obviously a little bigger than his stomach on this occasion!

 If I’m completely honest with you guys, although I had heard of Maaya before, I never realised where it was. The restaurant is quite hidden down one side of The Hub – opposite Bogota Coffee and next to Sweat Studios. Based on my visit, though, I can tell you that Maaya definitely deserves more publicity than it currently has, it’s one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever experienced in Milton Keynes.

As a gluten free eater, too, Maaya were so accommodating and I am sure they would be the same with any food allergies or intolerances. So, Indian cuisine lovers of Milton Keynes (and the surrounding areas), go go go!


Haze x




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