Homemade Italian Goodness at Brothertons Brasserie

If you read my recent post about FriendsFest, you will know that Luke and I spent some time in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, a little while ago. Usually, when we visit somewhere new, I do my research and pick the restaurant I want to eat in way in advance. And, seeing as Luke isn’t really a fan of making decisions, this usually works pretty well for us.

This time around, though, we were unsure whether to eat in Woodstock itself, where we were staying, or drive to somewhere a bit bigger like Oxford. Ultimately, tiredness and neither of us wanting to drive anywhere won, so we stayed in Woodstock.

Now, having enjoyed the best gluten free Italian meal of my life, I’m pretty glad we did!

Brothertons Brasserie is a family run and owned Italian restaurant right in the middle of Woodstock. The service was great, the atmosphere was so friendly and peaceful, and the food was excellent.

Now, Brothertons don’t have a specifically gluten free menu, but the waiter kindly advised me that his chefs could make any of their pasta dishes with gluten free penne, and there were plenty of starters and meat/fish options which were naturally gluten free anyway.

My starter was so pretty. And delicious. It always amazes me how something so simple, like a plate of tomato and cheese, can taste so good.

I had never tried lemon olive oil, which you can see was drizzled over this dish, before. But I can tell you now that I like it, and I can see it becoming a cupboard staple as I try to embrace the mediterranean diet when I’m living in Spain!

Now obviously, Luke is not coeliac like me. And I have to admit, I was a little jealous of his chicken liver pate starter. Not because it looked better than mine, but because is there really anything better than proper, homemade bread?

The pate was homemade too, and thanks to the tiny taste of it that I had I can tell you that it, too, was delicious.

Also, how perfect is pate and warm bread as a snack now that summer has most certainly left us?

These photos do not do justice to the massive pile of pasta bolognese that I was served at Brothertons. I couldn’t finish it, and anyone who knows me will tell you how unusual that is.

If my stomach was a little bigger, I would have practically licked this dish clean. The bolognese was so good: rich, homemade and seriously comforting after a long day. Honestly, I wish Woodstock was closer to Milton Keynes. This bolognese would easily become at least a monthly staple in my diet.

As you can see, they didn’t scrimp on the size of Luke’s ham, salami and cheese calzone either. He did manage to clear his plate, though, which was quite the achievement given the size!

The calzone was clearly homemade as well, in fact I think anything ordered at Brothertons probably is. Unfortunately (because it smelled amazing) I couldn’t try any of this dish, but I have Luke’s word that it was seriously tasty.

We were both too full for dessert, but if I’m ever in the area again I will definitely be returning to Brothertons. The brasserie is such good value and I honestly couldn’t fault our food, or the service we received. If you’re ever in or around Oxford (or maybe Blenheim Palace), it is definitely worth a short drive out of your way to give Brothertons Brasserie a visit – let me know if you do!


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