Preparing for (and stressing about) the Year Abroad

Are you ready for a post that I have completely given up trying to re-write so that it makes sense?


In three weeks time I will be moving to a village in Cádiz, called Prado del Rey, to work for a year as a teaching assistant in the primary school there.

Every time I mention this, the response I get is generally along the lines of ‘how exciting!’ and I do agree, it is exciting. However, it is also a huge change and something that at the moment I am finding pretty damn scary!

Obviously, I have known that my year abroad has been coming up for a while. I did pick a degree in a language, after all, and more or less the entirety of my second year at university was littered with meetings and lectures aimed at preparing us for this year.

But even so, it hasn’t really been until the past week that my impending year abroad has felt real. I’m really moving to Spain for a year. It’s really only three weeks away. No matter how much preparation you do, I don’t think that you can ever be totally prepared for such a big change.

Previously, it was easy to push the year abroad (and the stress that comes with it) to the back of my mind, because I had other things to do. Now, though, I have said goodbye to my work colleagues and friends for the last time before I leave, and my parents and I have just returned from a trip to Spain to ‘scope out’ the area I will be living and working in. All of a sudden everything seems to be moving very fast!

This time last week, I was saying that I was surprised I hadn’t yet freaked out about and was still relatively calm – I can’t say that anymore!

As excited as I am for this adventure, it is a scary experience too. I have a lot of mixed feelings: mainly anxiety, apprehension and excitement. I’m hoping that writing about it all over on this blog will help me out a little, or at least provide a bit of entertaining content for you guys!

There is a lot to sort out before I go, and a lot of things that I can’t sort out until I officially move, which isn’t helping my stress levels. There are also a lot of goodbyes to be said which I am really not looking forward to.

However, there is also so much to look forward to: the weather, for one (in the winter it only gets down to around 15C, I’ll be frozen when I come home for Christmas!), the food, the friends I’m going to make and the incredible experience itself.

As much as I always try to force myself to just ‘go with the flow’ (I have a permanent reminder of this in the form of a tattoo, for goodness sake), I am definitely finding this mantra to be much easier said than done when it comes to the build-up to my year abroad.

However, I definitely feel a little better after splurging a lot of confused feelings into this blog post, and I am looking forward to the travel-based content that I will soon be able to create for you guys!


Haze x






  1. Megan House
    04/09/2017 / 5:49 PM

    Love this! Couldn’t have put it better myself!

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