A Weekend in Cádiz

My housemate and I formed a plan to fill our weekends this year, to try and prevent homesickness or restlessness. So far, it’s worked pretty well; we spent last weekend in the beautiful city of Cádiz, we’re heading to Ronda (which is supposed to be equally stunning) tomorrow and I am heading to Barcelona in a couple of days as well!

So, the travel posts will be well underway by the end of next week and I cannot wait. Also, can you believe that these photos were taken on a GoPro? I can’t believe the quality, I’m dead impressed!

Cádiz had always been somewhere that I wanted to visit, and now it is somewhere that I am desperate to go back to. There is just something about the sea that I find so soothing.

Cádiz really does have something for everyone: some of the most gorgeous architecture I have ever seen, a sandy beach, endless cafes and bars and some multiple squares if you fancy just sitting and watching the world go by.

Similarly to the rest of Andalucía, there is no sense of urgency or need to rush in Cádiz at all. I love that aspect of Spain, it already seems to have done the world of good for my nerves and anxiety.

We travelled to Cádiz from Puerto de Santa María, by boat. I have to admit to being a little nervous about this, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not the best traveller as I tend to suffer from motion sickness; I am flying alone for the first time this weekend and honestly, I am not looking forward to it one bit!

Thankfully, the wonderful sea views, and the fact that I was prepared and armed with my travel sickness wristbands, actually made the journey pretty pleasant. It’s difficult to be distressed on one of the clearest, calmest seas that I have ever been on.

So, I’ve told you (multiple times) all about how breath-taking Cádiz is scenery and architecture-wise. But what about the food and touristy side of things?

Firstly, if you’re looking to go on any sightseeing trips, I highly recommend the Cathedral, Castilla de Catalina and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. We had breakfast in the Plaza on our first morning in Càdiz and were lucky enough to witness a wedding whilst there. It was so heart-warming and so many people gathered outside to cheer and shower the couple with rice as they left the ceremony. Our day was already made!

The Cathedral is honestly one of the most incredible buildings I have ever seen. On one side of a square, facing inwards, it is pretty imposing but inside it’s elegant and pretty wonderful. It left us all feeling quite dumbstruck!

Castilla de Catalina is right on the beach, and it was where I got my favourite view of the whole trip: nothing but the sea and a few boats. Heaven.

Food-wise, I will admit that breakfast was a struggle for me. Plenty of places offered churros, croissants and an array of toasted breads, but nothing gluten free. So, I ended up with lunch food for breakfast, or brunch as we weren’t really up that early. I’m not complaining, though, as everything I did eat was delicious.

In one food market, I managed to find a gluten free burger. I don’t think I’ve stopped thinking about it since! And, as you can see, I took full advantage of all the ice cream parlours in Càdiz. Who wouldn’t?

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