The Importance of Spontaneity

There won’t be anymore travel posts for a while‘, she said. I lied. On Friday night, whilst debating whether or not we fancied going out for a drink, my housemate mentioned the possibility of travelling to Seville the following day, for a day trip. We are very lucky with where we live, in that we can get to a lot of Spain’s bigger cities with ease. Even so, I am not usually someone who agrees to last-minute trips. I am a planner, I like to organise. But, not wanting to have nothing to do on a sunny Saturday, I agreed. I had a great day.

One of the things that everyone tells you before you leave on a year abroad is ‘say yes to everything’. Whilst previously I thought this sounded slightly dodgy (there are definitely some things that should always be no-goes!), I now completely understand where this advice comes from. It would have been so easy to say no, and if I’m completely honest plenty of excuses sprang to mind before my housemate had even finished the suggestion; I’m a bit too tired, I don’t really fancy a 2 hour bus trip, I’d planned on going food shopping. Obviously, all of these ‘reasons’ were complete cop-outs, but they would have been sufficient. Instead, however (and as you already know), I said okay and we set our alarms so that we would be up and ready for the 9:30am bus.

Seville is a huge city, full to the brim with incredibly gorgeous buildings, parks and history. We only had one day (6.5 hours to be exact), though, so we had to be selective. Las Setas (which translates to ‘the mushrooms’, if you’re interested) is something that neither of us had done before, but it had been highly recommended to us both and so we decided to give it a go. If you aren’t afraid of heights, I cannot recommend this attraction enough.

Las Setas is basically three huge parasols in more-or-less the centre of Seville, connected by a walkway/bridge that has been built across the top of them. From there, you can see the entire city. The view is truly breathtaking. It’s ridiculously cheap entry too, for a tourist attraction in the middle of a popular city, at just €3. That includes a voucher for €1 off a drink at the bar, too, which of course we took advantage of. I challenge you to find a better place to enjoy sangria on a Saturday afternoon!

We spent the rest of our day wandering, taking in the sights and seeing friends of my housemate’s who are all also spending this year in Spain. Rather than being slightly anxious at spending my day in a (crazily) busy, hot city, I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist. Sight-seeing, people watching and eating tapas are fast becoming some of my favourite past times!

I suppose the point of this post is to emphasise how important I have recently found spontaneity to be. I know that this year is one I really need to take advantage of; I might not get the opportunity to travel to some of Spain’s most beautiful cities with such ease ever again. Up until now, though, I think I had been in the mindset of ‘I have plenty of time to do that’. In reality, though, the past month has gone faster than I ever expected and I know that the rest of my time here will too. The weeks and weekends leading up to Christmas are already starting to fill up, which is both exciting and scary in equal measures!

In two weeks time I will be back in Seville, spending the weekend with Luke. I honestly cannot wait to see him, by that point it will have been six weeks since we last spent time together, which is a huge amount of time for us to be apart. All part of the learning curve that is the year abroad though, I guess.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, and that you are looking forward to the gluten free, foodie goodness that is coming your way on here later this week!


Haze x




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