The Year Abroad: 1 Week Down

I had previously half-written this post, and titled it ‘Pre Year Abroad Anxiety Part Two’, to follow on from this post here. However, we are one week in to my year abroad now so that wouldn’t quite be the case anymore!

It wasn’t my plan to take such a long break from blogging whilst moving, but life recently has been a lot busier than I expected, and I am just now starting to catch up.

I am still in the process of working out things like wifi and bank accounts, all the not-so-fun, grown up things that you have to think about when moving abroad, but I am honestly loving life in Spain so far (I mean, it’s still in the mid-thirties and we have a terrace with a gorgeous view of the mountains, what’s not to love?).

When I have permanent internet sorted in our house, I will certainly be back to my foodie post-writing ways, as the food here is incredible and I have so many recipes to try out already. I’m also planning on writing a few travel based and update-type posts for you guys, and of course for myself as well. It’s always nice to have written memories to look back on!

Life in Prado del Rey is definitely so different to England (duh) and will take some getting used to (I’m still struggling with the fact that almost everywhere in town shuts for a solid three hours every afternoon). It’s nowhere near as fast-paced as the UK and somehow the calm, relaxed nature of the Spanish natives is rubbing off on me. My housemate and I keep commenting on our surprise that we have yet to really stress about much at all!

I thought that today would be a good one to update my blog, partly because I have finally found a cafe with good wifi, but also because I have now officially survived my first day as a teaching assistant. I was SO nervous last night and this morning (I’m really hoping my colleagues couldn’t tell that I hardly slept), but I needn’t have been.

I am definitely the interesting and very obvious English girl in the town at the moment (you can’t hide skin this pasty), so I am getting a few stares from the locals, but at least that’s one way to track how well I am settling in – no stares will mean that local status has been achieved!

I hope you enjoyed this little update, and I promise to be back again soon.

Haze x





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