48 Hours in Seville

I was/am really proud of my last ’48 Hours’ post. As you can probably tell, by the fact that I have decided to write another one. Like I mentioned in my previous post (here), this weekend I finally got to see Luke for the first time since arriving in Spain. It was a short, but very sweet 48 hours in one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. So, why not write about it? Seville is one of those places which is always busy. It is definitely much more packed during the summer but even now, in the beginning of November, the city is full of tourists (of which yes, I am aware we are two), which is certainly my least-favourite aspect of the place. However, even if you are like me and not a fan of busy, crowded places, Seville is definitely worth a visit. The beauty and culture massively outweigh any frustration caused by busy streets.

As is very often the case when Luke and I are spending time together, food was quite a large part of the weekend and both of us were pretty damn happy about this. Now, I am an awful blogger, because I am now going to tell you about the best ice cream chain I have found so far in Spain, but I don’t have any pictures to accompany my claims. Sorry! You’ll just have to take my word, then, that Helados La Abuela has a huge, incredible range of ice creams. I sampled coffee ice cream, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. The portions that they give you at La Abuela are huge too, which is always a pro in my book. We also enjoyed ridiculously huge portions in Seville’s Hard Rock Cafe. If you did read my 48 Hours in Barcelona post, you will know that I am a fan of this restaurant chain because of their extensive gluten free menu. Especially the nachos:

I have visited Seville several times now, but Luke was a first-time visitor. So, we acted like tourists for the weekend and visited all of the popular hotspots: the Cathedral, the Alcazar and Las Setas. I was very proud of Luke for agreeing to try the latter, as he is terrified of heights and usually point-blank refuses to try anything that involves being higher than a couple of stories. Seville Cathedral is, without doubt, one of the most breath-taking that I have ever seen. The architecture, both inside and out, is so intricate and interesting, as is the history that surrounds the building and the majority of Seville itself. Although we didn’t climb the cathedral tower this time around (I have done it before and Luke was not stepping foot up any spiral staircases), I can highly recommend it to you. The view is more or less unbeatable.

I can tell you now that this blog post is going to turn into a huge puff-piece about Seville, it honestly couldn’t not, because I am now going to tell you how gorgeous the Alcazar is as well. I’m pretty sure that The Alcazar has been featured somehow in Game of Thrones (I’m sure I could give you more information if I actually watched the show), so it’s also a really popular tourist spot. But despite the fact that we visited on a sunny Saturday, the queue wasn’t too long and we were able to enter pretty quickly. The Alcazar is probably my favourite place in Seville; the gardens are peaceful, the architecture and decor are beautiful and the history is full and interesting.

The Alcazar is opposite the Cathedral and so location is perfect, too, if you are looking to visit all of the tourist areas like we were, and other wonderful locations are within easy walking distance as well. We enjoyed an afternoon of shopping (people in Seville are really stylish and definitely triggered a need for new clothes) and then visited Las Setas to watch the sunset. Las Setas are about a fifteen minute walk from the Cathedral and Alcazar in Seville and are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Entry is only €3 and with that you get one of the best views of the city available to you, and a discount on any drink from the upstairs bar, which we of course took full advantage of!

I have definitely already mentioned Las Setas here, so I won’t bore you by rambling on about it again. The only thing I will say, is that it is worth the walk for a view that is gorgeous at any time of day, and a bar that makes a damn good sangria. I was planning on including a review of the restaurant we visited on Saturday night in this blog post, but that would definitely make this far too many words for me to expect anyone to read until the end! So, keep your eyes peeled for a full review of the incredible Maria Trifulca very soon.


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