Spending Time Alone


As I write this, I am curled up on the sofa with a blanket, desperately willing away the start of what could be my third cold in as many months. If anyone has any recommendations on how to battle what seems like a ridiculously low immune system, please throw them at me, I am in need.

If you had told me two years ago, or even this time last year, that I had to spend a weekend alone, I honestly would have panicked and promptly made any kind of plans that meant I wouldn’t be spending time by myself. Being alone for a relatively extended period of time used to make me grumpy, lonely and a little bit miserable.

This past weekend, though, I chose to chill out by myself. I had a great time, too.

December 5th to December 10th is a big bank holiday in Spain, so I had five days off work and an empty house to do with as I pleased. Instead of planning to visit someone, or taking a quick pre-christmas trip home, I decided to stay by myself.

If I’m honest, there were two main reasons behind this. Part of it was feeling the need for some serious chill out time after coming down with yet another nasty cold (yay!), and the other was really just seeing if I could do it. I feel as though I’ve come a really long way over the last two years, with my self-confidence, maturity and independence. I am comfortable with who I am and, really, I quite like myself. So, as strange as it may sound to some, this was a sort of test to prove to myself that you know what? I’m doing okay.

I have always been a massive advocate for self-care and self-love, I think it is so important to look after yourself. I can definitely, physically and mentally, feel the difference between a week where I have taken the time to care for me, and a week where I have let that slide. The latter is never such a good feeling.

So, in the hopes of totally eradicating that not-so-great feeling, I treated myself to some rest and relaxation, as well as a touristy day out. I did a lot of yoga, binge-watched a lot of Netflix, cooked some of my favourite meals and treated myself to a little retail therapy. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Also, I have to say that Zara are absolutely killing the winter jumper game right now. I want them all.

My long weekend of me-time has made me realise that it’s okay to spend as much time as you need on your own. How else are you going to get to know yourself, get to enjoy your own company, and realise just how much you’ve grown?

As much of a small milestone as this may seem to some people, to me it is something to be proud of. So, I thought I would share it with you all!


Haze x




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