Teatime With Adagio Tea

Happy (belated) 2018! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Along with the end of the year and all of the Christmas festivities, December 2017 also brought me a very exciting email. The lovely PR Team over at Adagio Tea¬†offered to send me some bits and pieces to try out. I, of course, agreed. You know how much I love my tea (if you don’t, you can read about some other tea flavour trials from earlier last year here, if you would like to).

Adagio Tea thoroughly spoiled me. Not only do I now have more flavours of tea than I have so far been able to try, but I have some fancy tea accessories and equipment to use, too!

Since living in a tiny Spanish town where finding fresh milk is impossible, I have been really getting in to new flavours of tea (and drinking far too much coffee, but we don’t need to get into that). Previously, I was very much a red berry kind of girl, but Adagio’s festive parcel really opened my eyes. Who knew gingerbread tea tasted so good? And the almond flavour, too. Yum!

Also, and I’m going to prove how little I really know here, who knew there were so many different flavours of Earl Grey? I’m so excited to get through them all, especially the Earl Grey Bravo, which claims to go excellently with a splash of milk. I can now confirm this to be true.

The Christmas Tea and Nut and Spice Tea boxes are my personal favourites; I’m in love with the nutty, cinnamon-y flavours that scream winter at you. I really didn’t feel all that Christmassy in Spain before we returned to the UK, as much as I tried to, so being able to sit by the Christmas tree with a cup of wintery goodness within minutes of being at home was fab and really worked in getting me into the festive spirit.

Moving away from loose-leaf tea for just a second, the Gourmet sips box, which contains a variety of teabags, very much impressed my Dad- apparently Japanese green tea tastes great!

Moving on to the tea equipment/accessories that I was sent (bear with me here, I don’t know what else to call them). Adagio were kind enough to send over a glass teacup and saucer, a travel mug that also defuses your tea, and what’s called an IngenuITEA. Fancy, huh?

Now, I am one of those people who has a favourite mug and refuses to use any others when I’m at home. But even I will admit that this glass cup and saucer comes in pretty handy, for two main reasons: 1. I don’t have to worry about staining my favourite mug if I’m too lazy to rinse it out straight after enjoying a black tea. 2. You can show off your pretty coloured, fruity teas through the glass.

Although I haven’t actually used the travel mug for travelling just yet, I have given it a test-run at home and I think it’s a great idea. Basically, you put your hot water in, add in the diffuser full of loose-leaf tea, put on the lid (tightly to avoid leakage, don’t make the same mistake I did), and tip it upside down. When your tea is as strong as you want it, tip the cup the right way, remove the lid & diffuser, re-attach the lid and you are good to go. If you’ve decided to give up caffeine or coffee for the New Year, this mug would be perfect for transporting a flavoured tea alternative.

My favourite product from my fancy gift set (thank you again Adagio, you truly spoiled me), has to be the IngenuTEA. This little teapot seems normal, you just chuck in your tea and your hot water, but then it can be placed on top of a teacup or mug and when you do this, it releases just the diffused water so that no soggy tea leaves end up in your drink! Call me a nerd, but I personally think this is some kind of genius.

As you can tell, I have been so impressed with my little Adagio gift box and I cannot wait to get down to some more tea-tasting.


Haze x





    • 08/01/2018 / 7:49 PM

      It’s so cute isn’t? Such a good idea! I highly recommend their taster packages, you get like 40 portions worth in a box xo

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