Gluten Free Snack Saviours

I’ll tell you what, being unable to eat gluten can be really difficult sometimes. Not necessarily when it comes to full meals, but definitely when it comes to snacking.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can get a little (read: really, really) hangry. I’m not the best person to be around when there’s no food on offer and it’s pretty common that if you’re not around a big supermarket, you’re going to struggle to find any Haze-friendly snacks. So, to tackle this and to keep my friends, I have taken to carrying my favourite snacks around in my bag, and always keeping the cupboards stocked up.

A lot of people are known in their friendship group for always having a hair band, lip balm, or tissues. I always have food.

Probably the easiest thing out of this list to carry around, purely because it’s the smallest, is a NAKD bar. I freaking love these. I have tried pretty much every flavour and I have a couple of favourites, but they are all surprisingly filling for such a small bar. They’re also made with totally natural ingredients and are gluten, wheat and dairy free, and vegan. So suitable for pretty much everyone!

I was recently introduced to the carrot cake flavour Nakd bar and it is by far my favourite, it actually tastes like real carrot cake, and not a disappointing ‘healthy’ version like some flavoured energy bars can do. Other tasty ones include bakewell tart, lemon drizzle and cacao cookie. YUM.

I will also mention that NAKD do little bags of what they call ‘Nibbles‘, which are basically little balls of Nakd bars in a bag. I feel like these almost trick you into thinking you’re eating some kind of sweet treat, but I don’t really mind that because they are delicious.

Eat Natural barsSpecifically, the yogurt coated apricot and almond Eat Natural bars. As you can see, my box of these is totally empty and that’s actually my only gripe with this product. The boxes don’t have very many bars in them, so I run out really quickly. I probably could ration them slightly better, but who wants to do that?

Rather than tasting like a little treat like the Nakd bars do, these are definitely more of a keep you going all afternoon type of snack. I take them into work with me to eat during my break and they keep me suitably sustained until lunchtime. No hangriness in sight.

Now, I’m including the Kookiecat Cookies in here because, once you get over the fact that they taste absolutely nothing like a cookie, they’re actually pretty good. I was so excited to find these in an airport recently, I’m not the best traveller and so gluten free cookies sounded like just what I needed. In reality, these taste really similar to the Nakd bars which, although was admittedly a disappointment at the time, is actually not bad at all.

One of the things I love about little snack bars and ‘biscuits’ are that they don’t break all that easily. So I can throw them in my bag and not have to worry about getting them all over my things when I inevitably throw my phone or keys in on top of them.

Candy Kittens are delicious and the perfect little sugar hit without being too overpowering. I’m usually much more of a chocolate than sweets person, but I will always make an exception for these cute little candies.

 Schär gluten free bread seems to be the answer to all of my gluten free bread wishes. It’s not stuffed with grains and seeds, it’s just basic, simple, white bread and I like it. A lot.

I tried the Schär gluten free, chocolate chip cookies recently and oh my goodness are they delicious. Everyone who I have made try them so far has had the following reaction: what? These are gluten free? And if that’s not a good response, I don’t know what is.

These cookies taste like shortbread and chocolate. They are a little crumbly, but not so much that they fall apart as soon as you take them out of the packet. The packet of them is huge, too! I physically can’t eat them all in one sitting and that is saying something. I would even go so far as to say that these are the best gluten free treats that I have found so far.

If you have any coeliac-friendly snack recommendations please let me know, I am always on the lookout for new things to try and stuff in my handbag!


Haze x



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