Travel Recommendations: Andalucía

I have been so lucky since September, because I have had near-enough weekly opportunities to travel around a place that is, in my opinion, one of the most stunning and interesting in Spain. Andalucía has so much to offer: history, culture, architecture and, of course, gorgeous scenery, amongst other things.

Also, I have really been enjoying writing travel-style posts for you guys, mainly because they’re some of my favourite genres of posts to read. So, with all this in mind, I thought I would do a little roundup of the places that I seriously recommend travelling to, should you ever find yourself in Andalucía.

First up, Seville. Probably one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. Most gorgeous places tend to have some not-so-nice parts, but I have yet to see this of Seville. Every corner you turn leads the way to another stunning street, or historical building.

I would say that this is the city we have spent the most time in since being in España, it’s easy to get to on the bus and has a tonne to offer. My recommendations:

Las Setas: If you’ve read any of my posts since being in Spain, you will have most likely seen a photo or two of Las Setas already. Also called the Metropol Parasol, this is a huge mushroom-shaped structure that stands near the centre of Seville, which you can go up and walk across. There’s also a bar down there and drinks are discounted with your ticket so, you know, win win.

The Alcázar Palace: Maybe controversially, I am not a huge fan of the Cathedral in Seville. Whilst it is gorgeous from the outside, I found the inside to be a little dark, and so I much prefer the Alcázar Palace. Game of Thrones was based on this building, which is a pretty strong indicator of how stunning it is.

Rooftop bar: As I have already mentioned goodness-knows-how-many times, Seville is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. So for me, a rooftop bar is a no-brainer. On a sunny day, does it really get much better than a drink with a view? If this sounds like your thing, I can highly recommend Hotel Doña Maria.

Goiko Grill: Burger fiends, this one is for you. My housemate had been raving about Goiko Grill and their burgers for months, and now I have finally visited I can see why. They’re gluten free burger buns aren’t half bad either, which is pretty rare!

Next up, I’m going to rave to you about Cádiz. Fun fact, if I had spent this year at university, it would have been in Cádiz, right by the sea.

For me, Cádiz has a little bit of everything. If you fancy sunbathing, there’s a really gorgeous beach. If you’re a history fan, there’s the Cathedral and a Castle to explore. And if you’re a shopaholic like me, it’s got streets full of shops and amazing little restaurants and cafes.

The Cathedral: Now as you know, Seville Cathedral didn’t really do it for me. Cádiz Cathedral, however, I really enjoyed. An audio-guided tour of the building is so reasonably priced (€5) and the origins of so many of the monuments within the cathedral are really interesting to hear about. Also, the space is bright and airy, which I find makes me feel a little more comfortable in what can sometimes be a slightly intimidating style of building.

Rooftop bus tour: I did one of these on a solo trip to Cádiz before Christmas, and I would highly recommend it. As the oldest city in Spain, and a hugely important port for the entire country, Cádiz has some seriously interesting history. Also it’s super pretty, so if you’re not so keen on the history lesson, you can still enjoy some great views.

The beach: This one goes without saying, really. La Caleta beach is glorious and always a popular hotspot for tourists and locals as soon as the sun comes out. The perfect place to chill out and ‘catch some rays’.

My next two recommendations are smaller towns, so whilst they are 100% worth a visit, I would say that they are more suited to a morning or afternoon stop-off, rather than a weekend.

I had never heard of Ronda before I started planning my year abroad, but I have been a couple of times now and it is still breathtaking.

The bridge: This is what most people travel to Ronda to see. An old prison, the bridge is an incredible sight. Maybe not if you’re afraid of heights, though. From the bridge, you can walk round to a parador (viewpoint) which overlooks the mountains. An equally amazing view, if you ask me.

There are some restaurants overlooking ‘the drop’ next to the bridge, too, but in my opinion these are a little overpriced. So, if you are heading to the town, I would recommend travelling a little way into the streets away from the bridge and finding somewhere more purse-friendly. I promise the food will be equally as delicious.

Last on my list, Arcos de la Frontera. Again, somewhere that I had never heard of before, but that I am so glad we found.

The viewpoint: We have watched the sunset from here a couple of times now, and it is such a peaceful experience. Arcos is set on the top of a cliff, and so the view from the highest point really is unparalleled. Also, there’s huge basilica just behind the lookout, which unfortunately you can’t go into but which is a seriously incredible building!

Arcos is one of my favourite places to head for dinner in Cádiz province. The food is decently priced and always delicious. My favourite restaurant there is El Caravan, if you are heading that way I highly recommend the stuffed mushrooms!

If you got to the end of this post, thank you, I know it’s one of my longer ones and I really hope you enjoyed it!


Haze x




  1. 23/02/2018 / 2:05 PM

    Loved this! I’m desperate to head back to Seville but now I want to go to Cadiz!

    • 23/02/2018 / 2:26 PM

      Cádiz is 100% my favourite place in Andalucía that I have visited so far, I would highly recommend it! Especially when it gets a bit warmer, because the beach is gorgeous x

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