The Year Abroad: 5 Month Update

We’re more than halfway through and I’m not too sure whether to laugh or cry about it! In my last update, I had more or less just returned to Spain after spending an amazing Christmas at home. Now, I am preparing to head home again for a week, to celebrate some family birthdays and (hopefully) have some relaxation time. Not a whole lot has changed since that last post, but I want to keep my updates on here consistent anyway.

The sun has finally made it’s long-awaited return and I no longer need to wear three layers to bed. I slept in shorts for the first time in months over the weekend and I cannot tell you how happy I was about it. Obviously, in the UK I am used to cold weather, but in the UK we are equipped for cold weather and the houses have central heating. In Spain, the cold and gloomy weather felt so out of place and left me feeling a bit down, very lethargic and, of course, shivering.


I have been ill again, right over Cádiz Carnival weekend which was a great surprise (not). Thankfully, this time around it was more like a bad cold than the flu, so I was still able to enjoy El Carnaval, and it only lasted for a week.

The Carnival itself was a completely new experience for me, and I loved it. The streets were absolutely packed, which would usually leave me feeling anxious and uncomfortable but the atmosphere was so joyful and friendly that it hardly bothered me at all. There were so many incredible outfits and performances, it would have been hard to walk around without a massive, cheesy grin all over your face.

The only ‘negative’ about Carnival was that there didn’t seem to be any structure to any of the performances. Very British of me to complain about something like this, I know, but this made it difficult to know where to be and when to be there. For example, the parade started about 3 hours later than it said it would online, so we didn’t get to see it before having to get on the bus home. Overall, though, I would highly recommend the experience. And make sure you dress up!

I mentioned before that I was really missing some of the gluten free foods that are so easy to get hold of at home, so my parents very kindly sent me a care package full to the brim with them. I can have porridge for breakfast now, I have so many snack bars I’m not really sure what to do with them, I have gravy (!!), and my favourite coffee pods. I am a very happy Haze.

I have been really consistent with working out recently, and I can definitely see, and most importantly feel, the differences that this has made to my body. I’m much stronger and fitter than I was at the beginning of the year, and I am also feeling much less lethargic and I am quite enjoying my regular workout sessions. I feel like this is something I could write a whole post about on its own, which I might make a go of soon, so I won’t ramble on too much.

As I mentioned in my Year Ahead post, I have a tonne of exciting trips to look forward to in the upcoming months. Less than a week after getting back to Spain after a week at home, my housemate and I will be on our way to Madrid for a weekend of exploring. I’ve never been to Madrid before, so if you have any recommendations of things we must do/see then please let me know. I’m very excited!

Like I said, not a whole lot has changed around here of late, which I’m actually pretty glad about. I hope you enjoyed this little update, and I will be sure to keep you in the loop if anything big happens!


Haze x


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