Happy International Women’s Day

We are the Resistance.

I like to pride myself on being a strong, independent woman. I like to think that I have my shit together. I’m not 100% sure how true this really is, and it’s a feeling that definitely differs from day to day. But I generally think I’m doing okay.

I would certainly not be, however, if it wasn’t for the women in my life.

Let’s start with family. I have the most amazing relationship with my Mum and I would not change her for the world. She is my best friend, the strongest woman I know and I bloody love her.

I have been lucky enough to grow up with three wonderful grandmothers. They taught me the importance of being kind and honest, and I’m pretty sure I got my chatterbox qualities from all three (does that mean I talk three times the amount of a normal person?).

My school friends. It took me a while to settle into a friendship group at school, but oh-my-goodness did I choose the right one. Although it terrifies me a little bit that both besties from my school years are all grown up, graduated and working full time, we still never run out of things to talk about. And I am sure that we never will.

My work wife. Even though we don’t work together anymore (sob), Vikki will always be this to me. We met, we clicked and she is without doubt a forever friend, who I can always rely on for a bit of sassy honesty.

My housemates. My university experience would not have been the same without them. These girls feel more like my sisters than my friends nowadays, we have seen each other through every single emotion in the book (and then some) and I don’t know what I would do without them.

My course mates. Studying a language, and going on a year abroad, is tough. These lovely ladies have seen me through it, though, and are always there to support me, whether that’s during my semi-regular ‘I can’t do this’ breakdowns, or the ‘we have so got this’ pep talks. I am dead lucky to have them.

My year abroad wife. We were thrown together and I couldn’t be happier about having spent almost every waking minute of the last six months together (no wonder everyone here thinks that we’re sisters). This year would not have been the same without her spontaneity and near unbreakable positivity.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post. I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out when I started writing it, but I guess you could call it a little ode to the best women that I have ever met.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all.

Haze x


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