Top Two Places to Eat in Cordoba

I won’t ramble on about how much I absolutely fell in love with Córdoba in this post, because I will be writing another one all about that very soon, so keep an eye out if that sounds like it will be up your street. What I will tell you all about today, then, is the fab places to eat that we came across in Córdoba. More specifically, my personal top two. Enjoy!

1. La Lola

Breakfast seems like the logical place to start here, and La Lola was a seriously good breakfast. As someone who can’t eat gluten, I always find breakfast to be the hardest meal of the day. Especially here in Spain, most places offer gluten-full churros, pastries or bread. And that’s about it. La Lola, though, offered a really good range of coeliac-friendly breakfasts that were also on the healthy side. Perfect for when you don’t fancy filling yourself with greasy, sugary pastries, because you know that there will be some ice cream stops later.

If we’d have had more time, I probably would have returned to La Lola for lunch as well, because they had some great looking burgers on their menu that I would love to give a go. Everything on their menu was at such a good price, too, and the restaurant itself is in the most beautiful location, right next to the Mezquita and about five minutes from the Alcázar. If you do go, I highly recommend sitting in the little table that looks out of the window into the street, it’s a prime people watching spot!

I can’t write about this place without mentioning the service as well. I had popped my head round the door the previous afternoon to ask whether they had gluten free bread, and a lovely waitress had confirmed that they had gluten free options for breakfast-bread and burger buns. Upon returning the following morning, the same employee recognised me and chatted away before showing us to a table. In fact, everyone that we spoke to at La Lola was warm and friendly and just added to what would have been a lovely experience based purely on the food.

Going back to the breakfast, I went for a toasted gluten free baguette (possibly the best gluten free bread offering I have ever tried!) with Iberian pâté, and my housemate chose toast with avocado, tomato and tiny squares of Iberian ham. We also took full advantage of the smoothie menu and ordered the strawberry and banana smoothie (for me), and the apple, blueberry, strawberry and mango (for Esme). They were delish, too.

The menu is huge here, so you can pick from so many toppings to spread on your toast. Or, you can go for something sweet like a cake or brownie, or something on the healthier side like muesli or fruit salad. Something for everyone, and every breakfast comes with a tea or coffee. Perfect.

I was so impressed with La Lola. So often on weekends away I end up having to skip breakfast and go straight for lunch foods (I had patatas alioli for breakfast once. I wouldn’t recommend it), but this place offered the perfect pre-touristing breakfast food in the cutest little cafe. I’m hoping to go back to Córdoba over the summer and if I do I will 100% be heading back to La Lola as well.


2. Los Patios de La Marquesa

We found ‘The Patios’ on our first day in Córdoba, whilst scouring the internet for somewhere we could grab a mid-afternoon snack, and maybe a drink or two at the same time. The Patios were close to our Airbnb and had amazing reviews on Google and TripAdvisor. Having now visited twice, I can tell you with certainty that they deserve them.

The Patios are basically a couple of cute little courtyard-style seating areas, surrounded by two bars and 16 different places to buy food. The decor is bright and colourful throughout the building, the staff were so friendly (and very, very generous with the gin in their gin and tonics) and the food was so good that we returned the following day for more.

You could eat any meal of the day at The Patios, or you could just stop for a drink in a sunny courtyard. Although I do think that even if your intention was just a drink, you would soon be enticed into eating by all the delicious smells that surround each cuisine.

The best thing about having all of these different cuisines in one place is that anyone can eat there. If you’re not sure what you fancy, or maybe if you know exactly what you want but it’s completely different from what the person you are eating with is craving, you’re all good. I’ve never seen so many different food offerings in one place.

Both times we visited The Patios I had paella. For me, it’s just one of those dishes that I have to get if it’s on the menu, because paella cooked by someone else always tastes better than the one I cook at home. It’s also gluten free, absolutely devine and went perfectly with our crazily strong gin and tonics!

On our second trip, both my housemate and I tried something from the Arabic food stand (yes, I had two different meals when we went the second time), namely the home-made humous and pitta bread for Esme, and the lemon chicken kebab for us both. If I could go back every day and try something new, I would. And I can imagine that I would not be disappointed once.

All of the food in The Patios is cooked fresh for the day, sometimes right in front of your eyes. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are plenty of places to sit, so we never once felt rushed to finish our food and leave. The playlist in one of the bars was full of nineties and noughties classics, too, which obviously just further enhanced an already extremely enjoyable experience!

In case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely adored Córdoba. I am desperate to go back already, and we only got home yesterday evening. If you have ever considered planning a trip there, do it. I promise you won’t have any regrets!


Haze x



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