I Fell in Love With Córdoba

I have been lucky enough to visit more than a few different places since moving to Spain last September, and I haven’t really disliked anywhere that we have been at all. I have really loved (and written about) several places (Madrid, BarcelonaCádiz to name a few), but after visiting Córdoba for the first time last week, I think I have found my favourite. I have already written about two absolute gems of restaurants that we found whilst there, so if you fancy that then click here, but today I thought I’d basically just rave to you about my new favourite place to go.

I wish we had discovered Córdoba sooner, so that we could have planned more visits; I am currently in the process of trying to persuade my parents to take a trip there with me over the summer, so fingers crossed I can return soon! It’s an absolutely beautiful city, rich with culture and full of the gorgeous little cobbled streets that I love. The atmosphere there was so relaxed, despite the fact that we visited during Semana Santa which is one of the most popular, touristy events of the year, it was easy to find your way around (perfect for someone like me, I have an awful sense of direction and have managed to get lost in the tiny town that we live in on multiple occasions), and there is just so much to see and do.

If you are thinking of heading there too (and I obviously couldn’t recommend it more), Córdoba is really easy to get to. It’s a quick, 40 minute train journey from Seville, where there is an airport, and it’s also a city that you can explore pretty cheaply if you want/need to.

If you’re a student, entry to most places is seriously reduced. We paid 2,25€ to get into the Alcázar, one of the main tourist attractions, and spent so long wandering and exploring it. The building itself is big, with incredible views across the city, but the gardens are absolutely huge. Everywhere you look in the Alcázar gardens there are fountains and flowers, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a good instagram shot, especially as they’re so big that you can easily get some photos with no-one in the background!

Really gorgeous, right? We were so lucky with the weather on our trip, as well – we had bright sunshine every day. But there is a lot to do in Córdoba that’s indoors as well, so even in bad weather you would still have just as great a time.

We found yet another bargain in the Royal Baths of Córdoba, where entry for students is only 1.25€. The baths are small, but so interesting to walk around, with so much history. They’re something that I would highly recommend doing. Politicians used to meet in the baths to have important meetings, which to me is just crazy!

If you’re looking to get an amazing freebie, head to the Patios of the Viana Palace on a Wednesday between 2pm and 5pm. We were there at this time purely by chance, and we would have been happy, and were planning, to pay the 5€ entry fee which I can tell you now, having seen the patios, is 100% worth it.

There are twelve separate patios to walk around, all linked by small walkways but all designed completely differently. Exploring The Patios was so relaxing and the flowers are beautiful, especially when the sun is shining as it was. We even saw a young girl having her Communion photos shot in there, so that (and my photos above) should give you a pretty good idea as to how beautiful it was!

The most expensive ‘touristy’ attraction that we came across was a tour of the Mezquita (Mosque), but even that was only 10€ and a tour of just the towers, to see what I’m sure is an incredible view of Córdoba, was much less. So dead easy to save your pennies and still have a wonderful weekend away!

We quite fancied heading up the Mezquita tower, but the tours were all booked up so we didn’t get the chance to. We did find a good few bars (where a good few gin and tonics were consumed) instead, though, so I wasn’t too disappointed for long.

If you are looking for a city break destination, as you can definitely tell I highly recommend Córdoba. I had the best time and I’m so glad we booked this last-minute trip. I also hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will be back soon with more!


Haze x


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