The Year Abroad: 7 Month Update

My year abroad is almost over and I’m honestly not too sure how to feel about it. I have absolutely loved these past seven months, so much more than I thought I would, and we have so many more exciting plans to come before we head home. But I am also excited for what is shaping up to be a pretty amazing summer, and then I can’t wait to get back to Birmingham and feel like a student again. So, basically, I am a big mess of emotions at the moment!

The last time I wrote a year abroad update for you guys, which I will link here, I told you that the sun had finally re-appeared after what felt like an eternally dark and cold winter. That didn’t last long at all. We have just (I hope) seen the end of a month long period of daily rain, with the odd thunderstorm thrown in too, not really what I expected when I signed up to live in southern Spain but an experience, nonetheless.

Spain really isn’t built to withstand bad weather. A few signs in the town we live in have fallen off of walls, so many places have flooded (people in some small villages have been unable to leave as rivers have overflowed and completely blocked the only roads in and out), and all the cobbled streets get seriously slippery. So I am beyond excited to see a good few days of sun predicted on my weather app, and hopefully soon we will be able to go back to eating dinner on our terrace every evening like we did pre-winter!

 I also can’t wait for the rest of this month. April is going to be mega busy for me, but the good kind of busy rather than the kind that makes me an anxious ball of stress. I have recently started a new job/internship which I am dead proud of myself for getting, so that’s happy thing number one. And I have lots of visitors throughout April, too, along with my birthday. So much excitement!

This coming weekend marks the beginning of my birthday celebrations, and you best believe I will be dragging them out all month long! On Friday some friends and I are heading to Granada for the weekend, which I cannot wait for. I have never been to Granada, but apparently it’s absolutely gorgeous and a must-visit for anyone looking to travel around Spain. I will, of course, report back.

Next up my parents are coming to visit, so I can properly show them around a little bit of Andalucía, without the stress of moving me here that we have had before, or moving me back home which we will have in a few months (which is terrifying to think of). I have so many things that I want to show them; I have definitely gotten a little carried away and bombarded them with things we could get up to, I need to remember that this is going to be a holiday for them and leave them to relax sometimes!

My final visitor of April is my boyfriend. Last time he visited, just before Christmas, I spent the week that he was here in one of the worst IBS flare-ups that I have ever experienced. Not fun. So this will finally be my opportunity to show him around all of my favourite places, and I have already completely filled the five days that he will be here with plans. Thankfully he’s pretty laid back and is happy for me to play tour guide.

So the next few weeks are looking pretty good, and honestly I am trying not to think too far past them so that I don’t get upset about the fact that my time here is nearly over. I hope you have enjoyed this little update, it’s crazy to think that my next one will probably be my last!


Haze x


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