The Good and the Bad at the End of the Year Abroad

I have exactly five weeks left in Spain. I am trying really hard not to countdown to the end, but it’s difficult, especially because my feelings about it are so mixed.

I am sure that every year abroad student everywhere will feel more or less the same when their year abroad comes to an end but, if for no other reason that to get these thoughts out of my head, I thought I would write something about it anyway.

Good things.

Now I by no means want this to sound as though I haven’t enjoyed my timer here because I have, immensely. Without getting to cheesy on you, my year abroad has easily been one of the best years of my life. However, that doesn’t mean that there are things I am excited for about going home.

I feel like sometimes people think that if you miss one thing, it means you can’t possibly be enjoying the thing that you’re currently doing, but I don’t think that that’s the case at all.

I cannot wait to be able to spend a solid amount of time with my family and friends in the UK, without the impending (and very soon) return to Spain hanging over me. I’m excited for non-pressured, relaxed summer days where I can relax and not feel guilty for doing nothing, because I don’t have a very limited time at home.

I am so excited for summer, I have some amazing plans. I’m getting a new tattoo, I’m seeing Foo Fighters live, I’m going to Disney with a group of friends and Luke and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary.

I’m looking forward to being a student again. As much fun as this year has been, with hardly any commitments and so much free time, I have missed learning, and the routine that comes with being at university. Although I am sure I won’t be saying this when the stress of final year hits, I can’t wait to get stuck back into, and to finish my degree.

Bad things.

Obviously, I will miss Spain. Like crazy. I’m going to miss how pretty this little town is, how friendly all the people are, how good the food is, and eating that food out on our terrace. I’m going to miss having so much freedom to travel, and having enough money to do so because the cost of living is so much lower here than in the UK.

I’ll miss playing the hostess, and showing friends and family around this little place, which I have grown to love so much. I’ll miss looking out of my window and seeing huge mountains which, at this time of year especially, are occupied by so many sheep and horses. And I’ll definitely miss being able to walk out of my front door, turn one way for the centre of town (which is five minutes away at a slow pace), and the other to head into said mountains for a walk.

I can imagine that I’ll struggle a little to settle back at home again, the same way I struggled to settle here at first. It will take me a while to get used to the UK eating times again, as silly as that sounds, and the way that going for a weekend away, or even a day out to somewhere new, is a rarity rather than a regular occurrence.

As unsure as I am at the moment, about how I really feel having to leave Spain after what feels like hardly any time at all, I can say with 100% certainty that I have absolutely loved, and wholeheartedly made the most of, my year abroad. And that’s what matters, right?


Haze x


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