Weird Things I Will Miss (when I leave Spain)

In case I hadn’t told you enough, my year abroad is way too quickly coming to an end. Rather than get upset about it (which I feel as though I am constantly on the brink of doing), my housemate and I have recently found ourselves discussing the slightly weird things that we will miss when we move back to the UK, that might (and I hope does) surprise you. Enjoy!

The tomatoes.

Seriously. I know it sounds strange, but the tomatoes over here taste so much better than in the UK. They are more flavoursome, they last longer and they smell sweeter. I will miss cooking with them and I am not looking forward to returning to the bland, British tomatoes that instantly fall apart and fire juice everywhere when you slice them.

The lemon trees.

This one maybe isn’t so strange, but I will miss the lemon trees that line our street so much. They’re pretty, they smell amazing and the fruits taste fab in a G&T. I’m going to have to get used to buying lemons again!

The eating times.

When we first arrived in Spain, I was adamant that I would not get on board with the late eating times. Dinner time here is anytime after 9pm (even later in the summer), and that seemed crazy for me. Now though, that is completely normal and around the time of evening that I start getting hungry. So going back to eating dinner at 7pm is going to be weird.

The dogs.

Obviously, there are dogs in the UK too, but here they just seem to have so much freedom. It’s definitely a small town thing; the dogs here just wander around wherever they want to, but always head back to their owners eventually. I love seeing such happy little dogs trotting down the street all the time, and I love it even more when they wander into the bars for some fuss.

The fish.

The fish market opens every morning here (apart from Sundays and Mondays when there’s no fishing), and the fish that it sells is amazing. I will miss how cheap, and easily obtainable, the fresh fish is here, and also how fun it is to experiment with said fish. It’s such a friendly (but smelly) atmosphere in that fish market too, so I’ll also miss my chats with one of the local fishermen!

The view.

Again, not such a weird one. We have the most incredible view from our terrace here. The view from my bedroom window is currently impaired by a huge lemon tree (seriously, I get next to no sunlight), but from the terrace you have a near 360 view of the surrounding mountains and all the wildlife that lives on them. It is heavenly.

The food shopping.

At home, I shopped once a week. Occasionally once more if I ran out of something but that was about it. Here, though, because pretty much everything we buy is fresh, we shop every couple of days and I love it. We’re careful, and only buy what we need so as not to waste money, and it means that we eat exactly what we fancy rather than having what we thought we might fancy when we were meal planning last week.

The siesta.

As difficult as it was to get used to, I will miss the Spanish siesta so much. I very rarely take advantage of it in the way that a lot of people do, i.e. by napping, but it’s such a peaceful time of day and I am so, so used to things being shut during the mid-afternoon that I no longer even notice it anymore. The siesta means that the shops are open much later into the evening than in the UK, as well, which has turned out to pretty handy now it’s getting hotter and leaving the house around midday is not appealing.

The friendliness.

Everyone that you walk past in this little town says hello (well, they say hola). This was so obscure to me at first, because let’s face it it rarely happens in the UK, but now it bothers me that it doesn’t happen elsewhere. I never feel unsafe walking around this town, everyone is so friendly and it puts me in such a good mood. I always walk around with a smile on my face.

The vultures.

Yes, I am ending on what is very possibly the weirdest thing that I will miss when I move back home. Pretty much everyday we can see several vultures flying around the mountains, and it is so cool. I’m sure if they were closer it would be pretty scary, but for now I am so happy watching them from afar and being pretty damn fascinated.

I can’t believe how little time I have left here. And so much of that time is already booked up with plans, so I know it’s going to go quickly. Before I start getting too emotional all about that, I will sign this post off. I hope you enjoyed!


Haze x



  1. 20/05/2018 / 8:31 AM

    The tomatoes are different I think all the fruit and veg are! And I love that they’re not packaged! Xx

    • 20/05/2018 / 4:36 PM

      Totally agree – all of the fruit and veg is so much more flavoursome here! X

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