Preparing for Final Year

Final year has officially started and, even though I’m only a week in, I am seriously feeling the pressure. I am already busy, with a to-do list as long as my arm and staying calm is getting just a little bit difficult.

I’m sure once I’ve settled, though, I’ll be fine and as long as I stay organised I should be able to stay on top of it all (that’s what I’ve been telling myself repeatedly, every night before bed, anyway).

As well as getting a daily planner, writing to-do lists and buying colourful folders and highlighters to organise my work, there are a few other things that helped me no-end when it came to heading back to Birmingham and preparing for final year.

Decorating my room was one of these. I cannot be productive in a messy space; I have to know where everything is at all times and I enjoy making things look pretty. So decorating my room this year was something I was really looking forward to.

I have photos and motivational quotes everywhere, an orchid which I am determined to keep alive (I have named her Orla), and I know where absolutely everything is at any given time.

There’s just something about a tidy room that makes me feel calm, and ready to get sh*t done.

It’s not just about being tidy, though. I could arrange everything on my shelves and in my wardrobe into perfect, colour-coordinated heaven, but if it’s dirty, it’s no good.

Ace Clean totally get this, so I was thrilled when they offered to send some of their cleaning products over to me, so that I could make sure I am fully prepared for whatever final year throws at me (which, so far, has been a tonne of reading and a washing bin full of sweaty gym clothes).

My desk is clean (pristine, actually, my Mum will be so proud), my clothes are spotless (even the whites!) and the bits that ACE sent over have even made me feel relatively confident about my plan to tackle cleaning our kitchen this weekend. By the way, I live in a house of seven, so this is no small feat.

As well as their cleaning products, did you know that ACE also run a blog themselves? I didn’t! I’m pretty happy to have found it, though, because they have some great advice on there. Ever wondered how often to clean your bathroom, or even just how to clean your bathroom at all(we’ve all been there)? If the answer is yes, or even if you’re just a bit nosey, I recommend checking them out.

What are your top tips for preparing for final year? Or just university/moving out in general? Let me know! It’s never too late to add some new pointers to my list.


Haze x


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