The Fanciest Cocktails in Birmingham at The Jekyll & Hyde

We all know that I love a good cocktail. They’re fun and fancy and I cannot say no to them. So, when The Jekyll & Hyde cocktail bar in Birmingham invited me to give their gin parlour a try on Friday evening, I was absolutely not going to say no.

My housemate and I got dressed up, jumped in an Uber and headed off for a very glam evening of being very spoiled for choice over the Jekyll & Hyde’s cocktail menu. Spoiler alert: everything we tried was heavenly & I would absolutely make the same choices again.

Firstly, both the downstairs bar & upstairs gin parlour are gorgeous; walking in really feels like you’ve found somewhere special and very upmarket (although the prices were incredibly reasonable, another bonus). The staff were so friendly, they could not do enough to help us & each drink that they served was so pretty.

I’m going to try & be concise in this post, but I have no complaints & I could fill pages telling you how much we loved the fanciest cocktails in Birmingham, at The Jekyll & Hyde. It’s a venue that I highly recommend for a whole host of occasions: date night, a birthday, or just a Friday night out.

We tried five different cocktails between us: two each & then one to share between us. I was excited to get started on our tasting session, just from reading the names of the cocktails alone.

My first two were the Valar Morghulis, which I’m told is a Game of Thrones reference, and Sympathy For The Devil, a much appreciated nod to The Rolling Stones. Both were presented in such a quirky way, with little accessories on the glasses that really made me smile. And of course, both were delicious.

A Valar Morghulis is a berry-tasting blend of gin, raspberry and lemon, with a pinot noir float. It was great, but I have to say the Sympathy For The Devil was without a doubt my favourite; it’s a sweet, fruity mix of tequila, orange, agave, banana and overproof rum. And the little cactus glass that it came in, with a little bag of fruity Tic-Tacs pegged to the side, just added to the fresh, fruity vibes.

Contrasting to my choices a little, my housemate Hannah went for some different, but equally yummy & fantastically named, options: Captain Flint’s Plunder and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Captain Flint’s Plunder is spiced rum, lime, pineapple and passionfruit. It looks & tastes like a fun, beach holiday, whereas the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (grapefruit gin, teach, pistachio & lemon) looked a little bit like something James Bond might drink in space. Both equally tasty in their own way.

We of course tried each others, & there was not a single flavour that we didn’t like.

Then it was time for the pièce de résistance: The Mad Hatter’s Tea. Served in a huge teapot, with accompanying cups & saucers, this mix of gin, fig liqueur, apple & peach was the perfect way to end our night at The Jekyll & Hyde.

Have you ever seen a more adorable cocktail? I’d never had alcohol in a teacup before but it fitted perfectly with the refreshing taste of the drink. The teapot held enough for us to have two cups each, and was just less than double the price of the other drinks we enjoyed. A win, win!

After a stressful start to final year, a night of fancy cocktails at The Jekyll & Hyde was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful to the team there for treating us & I already can’t wait to go back.

Have you been to The Jekyll & Hyde, yet? If yes, which is your favourite cocktail on their menu? And if no, which of our choices sounds like something you would love?


Haze x


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