Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

2018 was one of the best, and undoubtedly one of the hardest, years of my life. I feel quite happy to be rid of it, and to be honest seeing people’s highlights of 2018 Instagram posts yesterday made me feel pretty rubbish about how much I struggled through a lot of this year.

But it’s okay that some days you just survive, and don’t achieve anything else. What’s not okay, though, is me letting the fact that those days happened to me overshadow some of the great things I got up to this year. So I compiled a list.

Goodbye 2018, as glad as I am that you’re done, I do feel the need thank you for all of the below:

January: This time last year, just like this year, I brought in the New Year surrounded by some wonderful friends, and after heading back to Spain I watched the most stunning sunset in Arcos de la Frontera, one of the prettiest little towns in La Sierra de Cádiz.

February: I travelled to Bilbao for the first time, and attended the absolute spectacle that is Cádiz Carnival.

March: Three more firsts! I spent a weekend in Madrid, and then celebrated Easter week in Málaga and Córdoba, where I found what turned out to be one of my favourite cities in the World.

April: In April I celebrated my birthday with a weekend in Grenada, I showed my parents and my boyfriend around my favourite places in southern Spain, and then I headed home to surprise my Grandma for her birthday.

May: Another new city; I visited Valencia. I also went to the Feria in Jerez and took part in a Romería, both of which were incredibly interesting experiences.

June: I sadly said goodbye to the beautiful Prado del Rey, which had been my home for the previous nine months. When I got home, I got two gorgeous new tattoos and went to Disneyland with my friends, to this date one of the best trips I have ever been on.

July: I moved back to Birmingham, reunited with so many friends and celebrated 5 years with my boyfriend by spending a weekend drinking gin and eating our way through Shoreditch.

August: I attended a blogging brunch, my first blogging event of the year, and spent a week over summer volunteering at a week of play sessions for children in Milton Keynes.

September: My boyfriend and I visited Edinburgh, my favourite city in the World, for one last trip away before we both started final year.

October: In October I finally started my final year of university, and celebrated so many of my favourite people’s birthdays.

November: a month full of food: I spent a lovely day in London with friends, and discovered my new, favourite Birmingham restaurant.

December: I ended the year by celebrating Christmas so many times with the best people in the World.

So 2018 definitely wasn’t the worst. And I’m excited to start fresh in 2019.

Haze x


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  1. Madeleine
    03/01/2019 / 4:18 PM

    lovely and you sure did surprise me for my birthday – thank you for that x

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