Hello 2019

I’ve said goodbye, somewhat happily, to 2018. So it seems only right to say a quick hello to 2019.

I’ve never been one to set New Years Resolutions, but this year I do have a few goals and resolutions that I would like to achieve. There are some bigger ones, which I won’t share, and some smaller ones that I will.

I’m somewhat determined to make 2019 a successful year, shall we see how long this lasts?

So, goals for the new year. Obviously my first one is to pass my degree. Ideally with a decent grade. That means working my butt off for the next five months. And after achieving my target grade, a graduate job would be a great follow-up.

A slightly less serious goal is to learn to play the keyboard. I love to sing, and I would love to be able to sing and play along to my favourite songs. I find singing somewhat therapeutic, and I’m hoping that playing the keyboard might make me feel the same way. I’m not planning on starting work towards this one until after I graduate, though, there’s no point in creating a distraction for myself.

Moving onto resolutions, I have a few little ones that I hope will make this year a little easier on my mental health than the last one.

Up first: don’t spend needlessly. I’m not the best with money, I tend to shop a lot more than I need to, but this year I don’t want to continue with that habit. I’ve made myself a budget book (another resolution is to budget monthly) and I intend to stick to it. Wish me luck!

Similarly, I’m going to work towards living more sustainably. I’m going to stop buying things I don’t need, reduce my plastic consumption and be more mindful of the environment in my everyday life.

I want to read more. This is probably another one to focus on once I’ve finished my degree. I love reading, and when I’m home and have a break I read everything, I have a ‘to-read’ list a mile long and I can’t wait to relax a little and start getting through it.

(I’m almost done I promise) I spent the last six months of last year really working on my fitness, and made going to the gym and taking workout classes part of my routine. So this year I intend to keep that up and stay fit, I’d also like to run a 10km at some point, which is something I’ve never done before.

Finally, I plan to spend less time on social media. It’s too easy to become overwhelmed with all the perfectness on there, and it’s no good for my head. So this year I want to really switch off and stop with the frantic scrolling.

Do you have any 2019 goals or resolutions?

Haze x


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  1. Madeleine
    03/01/2019 / 3:30 PM

    I really hope you can kept the above. Good Luck

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